Avishai Cohen Official Discography (11 Cd's)

Avishai Cohen Complete Discography As a Leader

Adama - 1998

Label: Stretch Records | Cat No: SCD-9015-2
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool | LOSSLESS (Wv.Img+Cue) No Log | 320 MB | +Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

[quote]Handling the acoustic bass like a flamenco guitar, then applying the blues, newcomer Avishai Cohen has produced a session in the modern mainstream with considerable intensity. The "fire" comes from his writing; these are all the bassist's compositions except for the standard "Besame Mucho." In putting together his arrangements, Cohen mixes meters in various combinations, allowing them to shift frequently, and couples that concept with a built-in intensity through his harmonic approach. With a core trio consisting of bassist Cohen, pianist Jason Lindner and drummer Jeff Ballard, the melodies are presented with a nod to the leader's improvisational strengths. Soprano saxophonist Steve Wilson and trombonist Steve Davis provide support as well.
"Madrid" opens with the bowed bass and presents a unique approach to blending. Adding the oud of Amos Hoffman to the ensemble, Cohen has combined two distinct flavors - the oud is an Arabic stringed instrument commonly used with quarter tones; thus, the musical effect here is similar to inviting Spanish flamenco dancers and traditional Middle Eastern dancers to the same stage. The savory multi-ethnic flavor continues with "Dror" and "Adama." Cohen stretches out on "Bass Suite #1," providing both bass and percussion parts by slapping the bass and strings. Here and elsewhere, Hoffman, Cohen and Ballard are given an opportunity to stretch out; it is unfortunate that Davis, Wilson, and Lindner are bound by the arrangements and cannot improvise as freely.
Cameos by pianists Brad Mehldau, Danilo Perez and Chick Corea appear at the close of the session. On "Besame Mucho" Mehldau spurs Cohen onward to some of his most lyrical playing on this album. Danilo Perez is at the piano and Chick Corea at the Fender Rhodes piano for "Gadu," which allows the listener to appreciate the difference between the two instruments. Corea and Perez alternate, converse, and trade phrases as conguero Don Alias and bassist Cohen share the spotlight. Newcomer Avishai Cohen has assembled a unique session, largely through his interesting compositions, and is clearly a welcome voice on today's jazz scene.

Track listing:
1 Ora
2 Madrid
3 Bass Suite No. 1
4 Reunion of the Souls
5 Dror
6 No Change
7 Bass & Bone Fantasy
8 Adama
9 Bass Suite No. 2
10 Bésame Mucho
11 Gadu
12 Jasonity

TT: 60:08

Avishai Cohen, acoustic bass
Steve Wilson, soprano saxophone
Steve Davis, trombone
Jeff Ballard, drums, percussion
Jordy Rossi, drums
Jason Lindner, Brad Mehldau (“Bésame Mucho”), Danilo Perez (“Gadu”), piano
Amos Hoffman, oud, guitar
Chick Corea, Fender Rhodes (“Gadu”)
Don Alias, congas (“Gadu”)
Claudia Acuña, vocal (“Jasonity”)

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Devotion - 1999

Released: 1999 | Label: Stretch Records | Catalog#: SCD-9021-2[/i]
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Ape.Img+Cue+Tau Log) | 335 MB | No Scans
(Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

Bassist Avishai Cohen on his own projects mixes together adventurous jazz with influences from world music, original folk melodies, and his own creativity. He composed 12 selections for his second CD, 1999's DEVOTION, including tributes to Horace Silver and Chick Corea (which do not really sound that close to either of those pianist/composer's styles). The music is consistently unpredictable, with Cohen being joined by pianist Jason Lindner, drummer Jeff Ballard, Jimmy Greene on reeds, trombonist Steve Davis, guitarist Amos Hoffman, a string quartet, and up to five singers (who are mostly used in the background). An intriguing set by an up-and-coming composer who is also a very fluent bassist.

Bass [Acoustic, Electirc], Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion - Avishai Cohen
Drums, Percussion - Jeff Ballard
Guitar, Oud - Amos Hoffman
Piano - Jason Lindner
Producer - Avishai Cohen
Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor], Flute - Jimmy Greene
Trombone - Steve Davis (7)

1 El Capitan & The Ship At Sea (Dedicated To Horace Silver) (6:42)
2 The Gift (Dedicated To Chich Corea) (7:19)
3 Bass Suite #3 Part 1 (Dedicated To Galia Luz) (3:22)
4 Ot Kain (6:34)
5 Angels Of Peace (2:55)
6 Ti Da Doo Di DA (5:22)
7 Linda De Mi Corazon (2:02)
8 Deep Blue (5:36)
9 Igor (0:04)
10 Slow Tune (5:00)
11 Negril (3:18)
12 Musa (5:18)
13 Candela City (5:00)
14 Bass Suite #3 Part 2 (2:52)

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Colors - 2000

Released: 1999 | Label: Stretch Records | Catalog#:9031[/i]
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Img.FLAC+Cue+Log) | 375 MB | + Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

Stretch Records presents, Avishai Cohen, latest release "Colors", with a good supply of exceptional musicians jamming with this talented artist.

With "Colors", Avishai Cohen comes into his own voice, presenting a music that strikes the perfect, artful balance between composition and improvisation, while also dissolving boundaries between musical genres and world cultures. Avishai's creative world-informed jazz-in all of its brillant "Colors", is truly jazz for the new millenium.

The above paragraph fits this album perfectly, never have I ever heard, such an emotional, spiritual and physical expression of music from the inner soul.

A musical experience, waking up all your senses, in the absolute, shades of mystical beauty through music, makes life worthwhile.

This is "jazz" at its finest hour - "Colors", as only Avishai Cohen can give you!

Avishai Cohen (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, acoustic & electric basses, percussion);
Jimmy Greene (soprano & tenor saxophones, flute);
Steve Davis, Avi Lebovich (trombone);
Tom Chin, Jesse Mills (violin);
Kenji Bunch (viola);
Fred Sherry (cello);
Amos Hoffman (oud, guitar);
Jason Lindner (piano);
Yagil Bavas (acoustic bass);
Jeff Ballard, Antonio Sanchez (drums)

1Shuffle (6:04)

2 Heavy (5:36)

3 Emotions (2:47)

4 Shay Ke (6:15)

5 Colors (5:30)

6 De Ye Tan Di (2:14)

7 Arka (6:17)

8 Balkan (5:01)

9 I B 4 U (6:30)

10 Slick (6:10)
11 Le Jeff (6:38)
12 Inner Frame (4:08)

13 Voice (2:05)

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With The International Vamp Band - Unity - 2001
Released: 2001 | Label: Stretch Records | Catalog#: SCD-9036-2
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Seperate FLAC) No Log, No Cue | 382 MB | +Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

Wordless jazz with a message? Actually, yes. Avishai Cohen, an Israeli bassist and bandleader, has the kind of chops that have allowed him to play with the likes of Roy Hargrove, Leon Parker, Joshua Redman and Wynton Marsalis before being snagged as a permanent member of Chick Corea's band. Just one of the fascinating things about this album is the fact that Cohen isn't playing bass. He leaves that in the capable hands of Yagil Baras. For Unity, Cohen returns to his first instrument, the piano, which he learned to play as a teenager in Israel. Perhaps four years of watching Corea at work has had an effect on Cohen, or maybe he was extremely good on piano to begin with. Either way, he performs with the wisdom of an old piano vet, caressing the keys when subtlety is in order, riding them furiously when need be. A lot of understanding developed quite quickly when you consider that Cohen is just 31 years old and has spent most of his time and energy on the bass.
Unity is, according to the liner notes, an attempt to join the people of the world through the one universal language: music. Cohen's bandmates represent four nations, adding both gravity to the title of the album and a variety of musical flavors. Drummer Antonio Sanchez is from Mexico, Diego Urcola (trumpet and flugelhorn) is from Argentina and Yosvany Terry (alto sax) hails from Cuba, so there is not just a Latin component, but layers of Latin components, each coming from different musical heritages, all blending with highly satisfying results. Add that blend with Cohen, Baras and their countryman and trombonist, Avi Lebovich, and you have the absolutely unique sound of The International Vamp Band.

Their music is mostly mid-tempo and dreamy, often downright mesmerizing, but not in the way "smooth jazz" is mesmerizing. While you're mesmerized, you're encouraged to contemplate. Things are happening on every instrument. There is also a "wow" moment when Cohen performs a one minute song, "Pause," solo. In that short time he manages to display piano chops from subtle jazz chording to flight-of-the-bumblebee fast classical magic. It's really the only time Cohen can be accused of showing off. The rest of his time is spent supporting his compositions, and in the end he's earned the right to add "/pianist" to "bassist" in his resume. As for "composer," there can be no doubt. These are fine pieces. Whether or not they can unite the people of the world, bring about a just society and peace... well, wouldn't it be nice if the world worked that way? As long as there are so many angry people in the world, it'll continue to spin cockeyed. If, somehow, they could all listen to this, and other music this soothing to the soul, maybe they'd lighten up a little. Maybe.

Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York, New York. Includes liner notes by Avishai Cohen.CMJ (7/30/01, p.16) - "...Cohen trades in his bass for the piano...his chops are formidable enough to make his piano teacher proud....Well supported by a sextet of excellent young players..."

Avishai Cohen (vocals, piano, electric bass)
Avi Lebovich (vocals, trombone)
Antonio Sanchez (vocals, drums)
Yosvany Terry (alto & tenor saxophones, chekere)
Diego Urcola (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Yagil Baras (acoustic bass)

1Short Story (6:56)
2 Vamp (7:26)

3 Etude (7:52)

4 Float (6:15)

5 Island Man (6:16)

6 Pause (1:10)

7 Jazz Condo (3:22)

8 Song for my brother (4:27)

9 A child is born (7:16)

10 Yagla (6:18)

11 To the love (5:36)

HQ Front Cover

HQ Inlay Cover + Cd

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Lyla - 2003

Released: 2003 | Label: RazDaz Records | Cat No: 4607
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Ape.Img+Cue+Log) | 265 MB | No Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

Recordings that dabble in a variety of genres take the risk of sounding unfocused; all too often artists with diverse interests and influences are unable to find the thread that draws everything together, resulting in an apparent lack of direction. Fortunately this is not the case with Avishai Cohen who, with Lyla, has created a cosmopolitan effort that blurs the boundaries between jazz, pop, hip-hop and world music.

Cohen, who first created a name for himself as a bassist with Chick Corea’s Origin and New Trio, has been moving towards this for some time. While his bass playing still figures prominently in the blend, he often-times relinquishes bass duties to Yagil Baras, instead playing a variety of keyboards and providing vocals on a few tracks. But Lyla’s real strength is in the composition, arrangement and production.
Lyla is Cohen’s first recording for his fledgling Razdaz Records label. Cohen formed the label as a showcase for the numerous projects he is involved with after four recordings for Chick Corea’s Stretch Records, and if Lyla is any indication, the freedom inherent in having his own label is liberating indeed. From the improvisational fury of the West African-informed “Ascension”, to the title track which, with its use of Fender Rhodes and Spanish-tinged melody, owes something to Corea, to the atmospheric reading of Dr. Dre’s “Watchdog”, to the drum-n-bass of “Handsonit”, to the childlike simplicity of “Simple Melody”, Cohen covers a lot of territory. And yet, for all the diversity, the album hangs together as a whole.

Other highlights on the recording are Cohen’s piano solo, “Structure in Emotion” which, with its three movements, shows an increasing maturity in Cohen’s musical vision; “Eternal Child”, a duet reading with Chick Corea, of Corea’s Elektric Band piece; and “The Evolving Etude” which, with Cohen’s International Vamp Band, who provide backup on many of the album’s group pieces, is a showcase for Cohen’s fleet-fingered electric bass work.

Cohen is gradually emerging as a consummate artist with an ability to merge a multitude of styles into a new whole; Lyla should go a long way to further cement his reputation as someone who is unafraid to go where his muse takes him.

Bass [Acoustic, Electric] - Yagil Baras
Drums - Eric McPherson
Drums, Percussion, Programmed By - Mark Guiliana
Piano - Chick Corea
Producer - Avishai Cohen , Mark Guiliana , Ray Jefford
Saxophone [Alto], Shaker [Chekere] - Yosvany Terry
Trombone, Flute - Avi Lebovich
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Alex Norris , Diego Urcola
Vocals - Bernie Kirsh , Jeff Taylor (2) , Lola (4)
Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano [Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes], Synthesizer, Bass [Acoustic, Electric] - Avishai Cohen

1 Ascension
2 Lyla
3 How Long
4 The Watcher
5 The Evolving Etude
6 Structure In Emotion
7 Handsonit
8 Come Together
9 How Long (Reflected)
10 Eternal Child
11 Simple Melody

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At Home - 2004

Released: 2005 | Label: RazDaz Records | Cat No: 4602
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Ape.Img+Cue+Log) | 310 MB | No Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

At Home is the 6th Solo Album for Avishai Cohen:
Down Beat (p.60) - "AT HOME is filled with the kind of virtuosic soloing and portentous writing that marked Pastorius' career outside Weather Report. Cohen's compositions are characterized by big gestures, rapid movement and cyclical rhythm patterns."
JazzTimes (pp.98-100) - "There are lyrical flourishes scattered about the album, but it's clear that polyrhythmic pulse and textural layering are where Cohen is, to use his phrase, most at home

Avishai Cohen (vocals, double bass, bass guitar);
Sam Barsh (vocals, melodica, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, organ);
Yosvany Terry (vocals, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, percussion)
Mark Guiliana (vocals, drums, percussion);
Anne Drummond (vocals);
Diego Urcola (flugelhorn);
Jeff Ballard, Tomer Tzur (percussion)

1 Feediop
2 Madrid
3 Leah-Lah
4 Remembering
5 Renouf's Last Tooth
6 Gershon Beat
7 No Words
8 Punk (DJN)
9 Mediterranean Sun
10 Saba
11 Toledo

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Continuo - 2006

Released: 2006 | Label: RazDaz Records | Catalog#: RD4603
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Img.Ape+Cue+Log) | 297 MB | NO Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

Avishai Cohen first came to the public eye as a member of Chick Corea's band, where he soon established himself as one of the most dynamic and technically gifted double bassists around.

His interest in rock, ethnic and dance musics has worked against him slightly in the past, resulting in a string of albums that were impressive if a little unfocussed; a little bit too 'kitchen sink' in their approach.

Continuo bucks that trend. Working with usual cohorts Sam Barsh and Mark Guiliana (piano and drums respectively), Cohen keeps things simple, only embelleshing the basic trio with Amos Hoffman's fleet-fingered oud. This adds a touch of exotica to what otherwise sounds remarkably like EST on steroids.

Cohen is an astonishing bassist and his partnership with Guiliana and Barsh is as tight as it gets. Though occasionally the band's flat-out dynamic can get a little wearisome, Continuo is an exhilarating ride...and when Cohen goes electric on the title track, you could almost be listening to the acceptable face of fusion.

Sam Barsh, Avishai Cohen, Mark Guiliana and Amos Hoffman

1Nu Nu (5:14)

2 Elli (3:57)

3 One for Mark (4:58)

4 Ani Maamin (5:15)

5 Samuel (5:16)

6 Emotional Storm (7:30)

7 Calm (3:16)

8 Arava (5:20)

9 Smash (5:31)

10 Continuo (4:11)

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As Is... Live At The Blue Note - 2007

Released: 2007 | Label: RazDaz Records | Catalog#:7402651
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Img.FLAC+Cue+Log) | 362 MB | No Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

Bassist Avishai Cohen is blossoming into one of the more interesting musicians of his generation. His jazz is modern and inquisitive, searching for new means of self-expression while remaining mindful of the postbop tradition. He fuses ideas from Latin, Middle Eastern, classical and pop music into his compositions and improvisations. His tunes, especially his melodies, are highly structured, yet he and his sidemen shape things on the spot.
As Is is Cohen’s first live record, and it’s a beauty. The core of the group is a phenomenally talented trio that includes pianist Sam Barsh and drummer Mark Guilliana. Plus, we hear quite a bit from two terrific horn players, saxophonist Jimmy Greene and trumpeter Diego Urcola. They start the set with “Smash,” as an ethereal electric keyboard leads to a Latin-tinged piano, soon joined by a driving rock beat. Cohen is a former sideman of Chick Corea, and the old boss’ influence is clearly heard in this tune, which finds Cohen getting funky on the electric bass. “Elli,” an acoustic ballad featuring only the trio, picks up energy as the musicians gently pluck, peck and tap their way through the piece.

Guilliana really swings into action with “Etude.” The pianist’s rollicking solo manages to grow both contrapuntal and counter-rhythmic, Urcola turns out some pulverizing work of his own, and Greene fires things up with a solo in which he plays against key, while Guilliana is comping against key! The rhythm section goes it alone with a sweet take of “Remembering,” a pretty little ballad that evokes Debussy, before the band wraps it up with an extremely funked-up version of “Caravan” that has the musicians overlapping time signatures. Oh, to have been at the Blue Note to hear this music live.

AVISHAI COHEN- acoustic and electric bass
SAM BARSH- keyboards, melodica
Rec. August 31- September 1, 2006

1Smash (10:30)

2 Elli (7:01)

3 Etude (10:20)

4 Bass Suite #1 (6:04)

5 Feediop (7:28)

6 Remembering (6:02)

7 Caravan (14:47)

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Gently Disturbed - 2008

Released: 2008 | Label: RazDaz Records | Cat No: 4607
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Seperate FLAC) No Cue,No Log | 314 MB | No Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

With this release on his own Razdaz Recordz, Avishai Cohen firmly entrenches himself as a frontrunning innovator in the piano trio medium. The Israeli bassist is joined by Mark Guiliana on drums and countryman Shai Maestro on piano—the latter a change in personnel from Continuo (Razdaz, 2006) and Live At The Blue Note (Razdaz, 2007).
"Seattle" represents a slightly ponderous start, with a lyrical bass solo from Cohen over meandering chordal piano vamps, but it is not more than a gentle prelude to what is coming up. The next track, "Chutzpan," gives a fuller insight into the incredible locked synchronisation that exists between these three musicians. Shifting between angular, cascading motifs and jumping, jittery movements with consummate ease, the trio is well-drilled yet instinctive in its manner of interaction.
"The Ever Evolving Etude" is an outstanding track, a perfect example of Cohen's minutely accurate compositional style. Based around a couple of piano riffs and building in degrees, it works up to a frenzy of intricately subdivided phrasing with manically precise off-pulse syncopations. It's a wall of sound that doesn't stand still. Similar traits are present on tunes such as "Pinzin Kinzin," "Eleven Wives," and the dense album closer "Structure in Emotion," but they are all different enough to make the CD unpredictable.

A few slower items add further spice to the mix: "Variations in G Minor," "Puncha Puncha," and the title track, "Gently Disturbed," are more relaxed but no less crafty. It's all perfectly executed and Cohen's compositional identity has become distinctively recognisable—particularly in piano voicing and the rhythmic intensity he draws from his group. In Maestro and Guiliana he has found ideal poetic partners.

The disc's title is reflective of the music—many of Cohen's ideas are challenging, but not inaccessible. Listeners can almost obliviously float through the advanced concepts without getting hung up, in the same way the musicians do. So, while it can take several listenings to fully understand what's going on, that effort should not be a deterrent to enjoying this release.
Found On AllAboutJazz.com

Track listing:
1 Seattle
2 Chutzpan
3 Lo Baiom Velo Balyla
4 Pinzin Kinzin
5 Puncha Puncha
6 Eleven Wives
7 Gently Disturbed
8 The Ever Evolving Etude
9 Variations in G Minor
10 Umray
11 Structure in Emotion

Avishai Cohen: bass
Mark Guiliana: drums
Shai Maestro: piano

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Shaot Regishot - 2008

Released Only In Israel In: 2008
Label: RazDaz Records | Cat No: HL-02-8289
LOSSLESS (Wv.Img+Cue+Log) | 294 MB | + Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

Bassist/Composer Avishai Cohen, born April 20, 1970 in Israel, is a musician who has been called a jazz visionary of global proportions by DownBeat, and was declared one of the 100 Most Influential Bass Players of the 20th Century by Bass Player Magazine.Cohen is not only renowned around the world as an influential double bassist and profound composer, but also as a visionary bandleader that is following in the footsteps of Mingus, Dave Holland, Jaco Pastorius, Ray Brown, Charlie Haden, Stanley Clarke, and even Sting. In fact, every move Avishai Cohen makes routinely causes waves of critical praise. Latley He Released An Album Only In israel called Sensitive Hours, a mixture of jazz and oriental music, and even some electronic expiriments that takes it to a pop direction.

1. Yo M'enamori D'un Ayre (1:35)
2. Ahava Hadasha (2:47)
3. Azamer Bishvahin (Adama) (4:45)
4. Shuvi Elai (2:50)
5. Yad Anuga (3:06)
6. Shalom Aleihem (4:34)
7. Shaot Regishot (4:07)
8. Dror Ikra (4:40)
9. El HaTzipor (4:45)
10. Si Kanamaya (4:13)
11. Tzaadi (3:56)
12. Puncha Puncha (3:37)
13. Shalom Aleihem (Radio Version) (3:16)

TT: 48 min 11 sec

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Mp3 @ 320 kbps

(only for mp3 version):


Aurora - 2009

Released: 2009 | Label: Blue Note Records | Catalog#:50999 6 94917 0 2[/i]
Jazz: Straight-Ahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool
LOSSLESS (Seperate FLAC+Cue+Log) | 238 MB | No Scans
Mp3 Version @ 320 kbps

Blue Note does it again. Another superb release that is jazz, but also much, much more. It’s jazz re-defined in a unique context, venturing into unknown realms. Thanks to Blue Note, the very term “jazz” has been stretched further than we used to yank the arms of Elastic Man, allowing for a borderless definition. Now that the human soul has become so much more multi-faceted, so shouldn’t the music reflect this evolution?

Avishai Cohen, born into a family of Israeli musicians, wound up choosing the bass as his means of expressing what is in his heart. Having established himself as a prolific bass player and composer in New York over the last several years - primarily under the influence and tutelage of legend Chick Corea - he extends himself on Aurora, with varying degrees of success, with his never before heard vocals stylings.
Though his singing has merit (I’ll get into that in a bit), the standout tracks for me are the instrumentals with a little chutzpa, a hit of oomph! Both Alon Basela and El Hatzipor are beautiful tracks which remind me of an Israeli version of Fertile Ground or something that would be found on the wonderful Jazz Bizniss compilations. Just close your eyes to be transported into a desert landscape shrouded in mysterious beauty. The final track Noches Noches - La Luz, the most traditionally jazzy song on the album, will also have you swaying to the rhythm once the drums and bass kick in after the vocal intro.

I’d say that while Cohen’s lyrics and voice are heartfelt and sincere, he is a much more talented bass player than vocalist. Aurora is a prime example of why the double bass is just simply one of the coolest sounding instruments around when it is played right. After a thorough listen, I found myself wishing for more of those kinds of selections. Instead, there was too much emphasis on Cohen’s vocals. A few songs would have been perfect, but not the bulk of them. With such musicians as Amos Hoffman on the oud, Itamar Doari’s tasteful percussion, Karen Maika’s vocals and the crisp piano sound of Shai Maestro - it seems a pity that their talents were wasted on too few tracks.

Yet make no mistake: this album is definitely worth a solid listen. There is an overall tone of pleasure supplied by Cohen’s compositions, his playing and his singing that remind you of the power music can have on one’s soul. You’ll feel good afterwards.[/quote]

Avishai Cohen – Vocals ,acoustic and electric bass and piano
Karen Malka - Vocals
Amos Hoffman - oud
Itamar Douari - percussion

Track listing
01.- Morenika
02.- Interluce in C Sharp Minor
03.- El Hatzipor
04.- Leolam
05.- Winter Song
06.- Its Been So Long
07.- Alon Basela
08.- Still
09.- Shir Preda
10.- Aurora
11.- Alfonsina Y El Mar
12.- Noches Noches, La Luz

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Also From The Album:
Shir Preda Video


Anonymous said...

Weird .. writes right to left but adjusts as it goes along .. like the scroll bar on the left, fazes me, but great .. anyway, enough chitchat .. marmaduke ma'man, Dave Sez of nukebass here and maybe this comment will catch you .. just wanted to say thanks for the Cully Jazz, which I am enjoying listening to right now .. I see it's not posted here yet, but already your Avax links have been re-posted by baixoaki without credit ... grrrr ... anyway, the only way to say thanks is to return the gift, as I always say, so maybe you don't know of this, a Shockwave-only (sniff ..) 52 minute gig of AC's on 3rd July 2009 as part of the Aurora tour. Proshot video, well worth catching!


Hope you like it! Cheers, Dave Sez.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Marmaduke .. just to say that I have taken off the sound from the above Enghien gig - excellent recording, mp3s at 320 - and will upload it and post a link here if you leave me a comment here to say you'd like it ... cheers, Dave Sez.

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Does anybody knows where I can get the translation of the lyrics of the songs from Sensitive Hours album ?

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