Ziryab Trio - Oriental Art Music [Mashreq Classics] (1997)

Ziryab Trio - Oriental Art Music [Mashreq Classics]
Mp3 @ 160 kbps CBR | 44.1 Khz | Joint Stereo | Total Time: 67 min 17 sec | 77 Mb
Released: 1997 | Genre: Middle-Eastern / Ethnic | Label: Crammed World

Ziryab Trio consists of Taiseer Elias (oud), Nassim Dakwar (violin) and Zohar Fresco (percussion). "Mashreq Classics" was recorded live in the Jerusalem Theater during the Israel Festival in June, 1995. In this concert, the Ziryab Trio was accompanied by Avraham Salman (kanun) and Emmanuel Mann (bass) from their joined band 'Bustan Abraham'.
"Ziryab was a musician in Haroun Al-Rashid's court in Baghdad (Iraq) in the 9th century. He was called the 'Black Bird' and was an extremely gifted singer, oud player and composer ... He founded a music school which made its way to the Magreb (North Africa) and he became a model for every aspiring musician in the centuries followed.
Taiseer Elias was born in the Israeli Arab village of Shfaram, Taiseer is the leading figure in classical Arabic music in Israel ... He holds a Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the founder of the Orchestra of Classical Arab Music in Israel and is presently the director of the music department of the Israeli Public Radio in Arabic as well as musical director of various television programs."

01 Longa Riad
02 Sihr Al-Sharq (Magic Of The Orient)
03 Chutwat Habibi (Steps Of My Beloved)
04 Taqsim Qanoun In Homayun Mode
05 Sama'i Shat Araban
06 Zikrayati (My Memories)
07 Sama'i Nahawand
08 Riqq Solo
09 Sama'i Farahfaza
10 Suzinak Sakiz Kasap Oyun Havasi

Taiseer Elias / Oud
Nassim Dakwar / Violin
Zohar Fresco / Riqq
Avraham Salman / Qanoun
Emmanuel Mann / Bass

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