Monica Sex - Kisses and Wounds (1995)

Monica Sex - Kisses and Wounds
Release: 1995 | Genre: Israeli Rock/Alternative | Publisher: NMC
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The band was formed in 1993 in Tel Aviv, by Yahaly Sobol as vocalist and guitarist, Peter Rott as guitarist, Eldad Guetta on the organ, Yossi Hamami on bass, and Shachar Even-Tzur as drummer and vocalist. It was named after a famous female bass player, who performed some of their and Sobol's former band "Pag"'s songs.
Sobol, the leader and main artist of the group, wrote a few songs, and shortly the band began to record Wounds and Kisses. The album was released in 1995, but got little success. Yet, with their song Makka Aphora as the tittle songs of the cult series Florentin, the band became a new sensation. Since their soft rock and mainstream style, three more songs from the albums received massive airplay on the radio.

1. Gray Hit
2. San Jose
3. Another Time
4. Later
5. All The Guys
6. 180
7. Wounds And Kisses
8. Good Eyes
9. I Know
10. Mountain Of Pretzels
11. Butterfly
12. On The Floor
13. Requiem For The Blond Girl

Yahli Sobol - vocal and guitar
Peter Roth - guitar
Yossi Hamami - Bass
Shachar Even Zur - Drums


Part 1
Part 2

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