Rockfour - Behazara Lashablul [Back to Shablul] (1996)

Rockfour - Behazara Lashablul [Back to Shablul]
Release: 1996 | Genre: Israeli psyche Rock/Alternative | Publisher: Hed-Artzi
EAC (Separate FLAC+LOG+CUE) | Total Time: 53:15 | 307 MB | RS


Israeli psyche-rock band RockFour are tough to pigeon-hole. Formed in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon, they began playing together during military service, and developed a repertoire of original songs in Hebrew and English. Tipping their berets to the Moody Blues, Teardrop Explodes and The Zombies, RockFour convincingly married The Byrds & Bowie, updating it with 21st century panache. In 2000, four albums in, RockFour made the controversial switch to English lyrics which immediately catapulted them onto the international scene and branded them Israels finest (and only?) rock export. And they havent let up: RockFour is now well on its way to conquering the world with a unique brand of neo-psychedelia and progressive pop. Its a mix that works: Rock Four have sold over 30,000 records in the Middle East and Europe. 2001 was the year RockFour caught the eyes and ears of the North American media. Rolling Stone Magazine critic Richie Unterberger chose ONE FANTASTIC DAY (Third-Ear Records) as one of his Top 10 albums of the year; both the New York Times and the New York Press hyped their live show and the band went on to be featured on the nationally broadcasted NPR radio show, All Things Considered. Over on the west coast it was the LA Times and Under The Radar that raved about the band. Headlining many prestigious rock festivals including SXSW, CMJ and the International Pop Overthrow, the band went on to sign with guitar pop label, Rainbow Quartz.
Their second release, NATIONWIDE, is the follow up to their break-through album ANOTHER BEGINNING (Rainbow Quartz 2002). NATIONWIDE was recorded at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit by Jim Diamond. The complex song-craft, interwoven with pristine pop harmonics, is balanced on a raw, energetic immediacy. RockFour wear their prog-pop sensibilities well: chiming 12-string jangle, classic rock riffing, and clever atonal squalls of lead drive this recording into the arena of 70s rock. NATIONWIDE echoes The Cars, ELO and at times vintage Squeeze, while the guitar playing evokes classic Robert Fripp and Jimmy Page dueling with Sonic Youth, all the while retaining a psychedelic dose of early Pink Floyd and The Byrds.

1. Shablul (3:17)
2. Avshalom (3:55)
3. Ahinuam Lo Yodat (4:13)
4. Lama Li Lakhat Lalev (4:43)
5. Al Tevatri Elai (2:41)
6. Kach Lecha Isha (5:00)
7. Ani Shar (3:14)
8. Prague (5:28)
9. Tov Li (4:02)
10. Kama Ham (3:16)
11. Ma Sheyoter Amok (2:53)
12. Ma Iti (4:35)
13. Hayo Haya (5:58)

- Eli Lulai / acoustic guitar, vocals
- Marc Lazare / guitar
- Baruch Ben Itzhak / bass
- Noam Lederman / drums


Part 1
Part 2

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