VA - The 16th Lamb [Ha’Keves Ha’Shisha Asar] (1978)

VA - The 16th Lamb [Ha’Keves Ha’Shisha Asar]
Release: 1978 | Genre: Israeli Folk/Alternative/Children | Publisher: NMC
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“Ha’Keves Ha’Shisha Asar” (Hebrew: הכבש השישה עשר) is a name of a children’s book, a show and a music album.
The song book “Ha’Keves Ha’Shisha Asar” was written by Jonathan Geffen when he lived in Paris. In 1978 the music album based on the song book Geffen wrote was produced with a participate of famous singers in Israel. The album had a great success, especially the songs “Gan Sagur” (Hebrew: גן סגור) and “Ha’Yalda Ha’chi Yafa Ba’Gan” (Hebrew: הילדה הכי יפה בגן).

Later, the songs was interlaced in a show. The show had a great success as well.
“Ha’Keves Ha’Shisha Asar” was written for children. The story and the lyrics, in general, reflects children’s point of view and their thoughts, as it seems in the songs “Riah Shel Shocolad” (Hebrew: Gan Sagur”, (ריח של שוקולד”, and “Brakim Ve’Reamim” (Hebrew: ברקים ורעמים). The songs in the music album based on the song book Geffen wrote, but in some cases changed to fit the tune or to provide listening experience to the children.

1. How a song was born
2. Thunders & Lightnings
3. As we drove into town to visit Uncle Ephraim
4. I love
5. The giraffe has a long Neck
6. a kid Who's Fathers...
7. The most beautiful girl in the garden
8. Story of the green man
9. Who looks
10. Hey I'm no longer a baby
11. When I grow up
12. The smell of chocolate
13. Small fights
14. Yossi Yossi
15. Saying
16. Like the sea
17. The man with the hairs
18. The Garden's Close
19. the 16th Lamb

David Broza
Gidi Gov
Yehudit Ravitz
Yoni RechteR
Jonathan Geffen


Part 1
Part 2

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