The Ramirez Brothers - The Ramirez Brothers (2009)

The Ramirez Brothers - The Ramirez Brothers
EAC - LOSSLESS (Seperate FLAC+cue+Log+Tau)+COVERS | Total Time: 47:14 | 302 MB
Released: 2009 | Genre: Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jam band | Label: Audio Montage | Cat #: AMCD008

You can hear a lot of different types of music bouncing around the vibrant Tel Aviv nightclub scene – from tons of dance/electro pop to ‘beautiful Israel’ public sing-alongs to grungy alternative rock, all within walking distance from each other.

But not even experienced Tel Aviv scenesters weren’t prepared for a group that combines a piercing trumpet, Jack White-distorted guitar histrionics, ’70-styled funk and soul rhythms and a mess of facial hair. Never mind that all three members are brothers hailing from Mexico!

Forget that last part – The Ramirez Brothers are indeed the name of the band, but they’re not from Mexico and they’re not brothers. They’re just three talented Tel Aviv musicians with a penchant for shedding their shirts during their sweat-inducing performances. With songs sung in English that evolve into groove-based, howling jams, the band has gained a word-of-mouth following around the Tel Aviv area and are poised to break out beyond Israel’s borders soon.

“We thought it would be really cool to have stage names. And even though we’re not biological brothers, we are very close friends,” explained Sefi Ramirez (Zisling), the band’s trumpet player, who along with Uzi Ramirez (Feinerman) on guitar and vocals, and Eitan Ramirez (Efrat) on drums form the rather unorthodox trio, who effortlessly tackle an Americana mix of blues, funk, r&b and some Hendrix hysteria.

They’re no strangers to the Israeli music scene with Uzi handling guitar chores for Hadag Nahash and Sefi taking the solos for Funk’N'Stein and Yehudit Ravitz’s band. But The Ramirez Brothers is their passion and their baby, and their music offers a most exciting and seamless Israeli-American synthesis

So, the next time you unkowingly walk into a Tel Aviv club and suddenly think you’ve been transported to the American Deep South circa 1974, you’ll know that you’ve just stumbled upon The Ramirez Brothers. Don’t forget to say hi.

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Track listing
1. Mine Funk
2. Cactus
3. Chokin' the Chicken
4. Sizzlin'
5. Night Stalker
6. Oops
7. Rhino Suicide
8. I Want You
9. Yabi
10. Taltalim
11. G68
12. Tara
13. Set My Soul Free

Produced by the Ramirez Brothers and Uri "Mixmonster" Wertheim

the Ramirez Brothers are:
Uzi Feinerman: Guitar and Vocals
Sefi Zisling: Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Eitan Efrat: Drums

Special guests:
Karolina & Netta Canfi on "Sizzlin'"


LOSSLESS (Seperate FLAC+cue+Log+Tau)


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