Piris Eliyahu - Tehilim [Psalms] (2005)

Piris Eliyahu - Tehilim [Psalms]
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Released: 2005 | Genre: World, Middle-Eastern, Persian | Label: Self Released

In this new recording, composer Piris Eliyahu, an ethno-musician, a master of Middle-Eastern Music, a teacher and a Tar player, presents us with his lastest composition which was inspired by the Book of Psalms and was based on King David's psalms. Through tones of this musical composition, the composer has been trying to express the King's feelings, his spiritual mightiness, his faith, the way he himself senses it. In this creative search for the right tones which constitute the Psalms in the Biblical time, Piris Eliyahu has been experimenting in reviving the ancient musical and poetic forms, such as "Mizmor", "Tehilla" (Accolade), "Halleluya", "Shir HaMa'alot" (Song of the Virtues) and others. This Recording includes some of songs from his composition "Tehilim". While working on the ancient texts, the composer discovered a connection between the rhythm in the poetry of "Tehilim" and the emotional-modal system (Maqam), common among the nations of today's Middle-East. The musical formation is based on the roots of the classical Persian music and the instruments playing the music remind one of the musical instruments mentioned in the Book of Psalms: the Kamanch as the "Kinor" (voilin), the Tar, the Oud as the "nevel" (harp) and the Nay as the "Khalil" (flute).  
 taken from the Linear notes of the album.

Track listing:
1. Tehilla (Maqam Nava)
2. Eli Eli ("My God, My God") (maqam Dashti)
3. Tehilla (maqam Abu-ata)
4, Oud Improvisation (maqam Abu-ata)
5. Tzam'a nafshi ("My soul thirsten") (maqam Abu-ata)
6, Ranenu tzadikim ("Rejoice O ye righteous") (maqam Nava)
7. Shir Yedidot ("A Song of Loves") (maqam Bayat-e Qajar)
8. Vocal improvistion (maqam Bayat-e Turk)
9. Halleluya (maqam Bayat-e Turk)
10. Tziltziley Sham'a ("Cymbal Tone") (maqam Bayat-e Turk)

The Musicians:
Track 1-9:
Piris Eliyahu - Tar
Mark Eliyahu - Kamancha
Nizar Ruhana - Oud
Itamar Shahar - Nay
Itamar Duari - Percussion
Mordehay Guri - Vocal (2,6)
David Menahem - Vocal (5,8,9)

Track 10:
Malik Mansurov - Tar
Rauf Islamov - Kamancha
Rafael Esgerov - Clarinet
Natik Shirinov - Nagara
and The Azerbajian Ensemble.

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