The Witches [Hamachshefot] - The Double Collection

The Witches [Hamachshefot] - The Double Collection
Release: 1999 | Genre: Israeli Rock/Alternative | Publisher: NMC | Catalog number: 202-7290005219450
EAC (Separate FLAC+LOG+CUE) | 2 CD's | 661 MB | RS

The Witches from Israel is a very influencing group that was active in the years 1992-1997.
They were fronted by Inbal Perlmutter(ענבל פרלמוטר). Perlmutter founded the band, along with Ifat Netz and Yael Cohen.
The band began to perform in clubs around Israel, and got public notice on a TV show called “Songs of the Sea of Galilee”, hosted by Naomi Shemer. The Witches performed a sensual version of Shemer’s song Kesem ‘Al Yam Kinneret (“Magic on the Sea of Galilee”) which astounded both the audience and the host. This version was recorded in April 1993, and was released as a DJ record with cover art by Perlmutter.

In early 1994, the band released its first album, Ad Ha-Oneg Ha-Ba (“Till the Next Pleasure”). Perlmutter wrote the lyrics and composed nearly all the songs. Thanks to Korin Alal’s arrangement and production, the band succeeded in creating an energetic guitar rock album which gained immense popularity and was certified gold. Following the album’s release, the band had dozens of concerts. Some of them were held on Friday the 13th under the title “The Night of the Witches”, and featured guest singers Korin Alal and Dana Berger.

In March/April 1995, The Witches released its second album, Zmanim Muzarim (“Strange Times”). This time they arranged and produced the entire album themselves. Again, Perlmutter wrote all the lyrics and composed all but one song. The album was less popular than their first.

The band continued holding concerts frequently and was often a warm-up act for Björk.

In April 1996, the band released its third album, Ha-Mechashefot Mitkasot (“The Witches Covers”), a collection of all the cover songs they recorded in their early days. The only popular cover not on this album was “Sweet Dreams”; Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics had refused to allow the band’s version of her song to be released. In protest, Perlmutter distributed the song on an underground tape; on the cover, which she had designed, were inscribed the words “Shit Rights”.

After the release of this album, The Witches became considerably less active, although they never officially announced that they were disbanding. They held their final concert in September 1996.

Perlmutter died in a car accident in 1997 at the age of 26.

1. Real fear
2. Witches
3. Magical nights
4. in The Forest
5. Strange times
6. Dingo
7. 'till the Next pleasure
8. High speed
9. Dancing Gods
10. to Wake up in the morning and hate yourself
11. Magic on the Sea of Galilee
12. Temporary paranoia
13. Live in a Box
14. Shivers
15. Widow
16. Soon
17. Bird

1. to Wake up in the morning and hate yourself
2. Strange times
3. High speed
4. Sexual tension
5. Magic on the Sea of Galilee (Dana Berger)
6. Go quietly
7. Consolation
8. Rare species (Corinne Allal)
9. Witches
10. 'till the Next pleasure
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Codes of fear
13. 'till the Next pleasure - (Ifat - Yael - Asi Levi - Rona Kenan)

Inbal Perlmutter - Guitar and Vocals
Ifat Netz - bass
Yael Cohen - Drums


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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