Balkan Beat Box - Nu Med

Balkan Beat Box - Nu Med
World/Balkan/Electronic | Wv+CUE+LOG files (360 MB) | Covers | 2007 | 5% Recovery

With Nu Med, Balkan Beat Box steps forward with a cohesive new album that imagines a Middle East without borders and a healthy dose of New York energy. Balkan Beat Box blends electronic music with hard-edged folk music from North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

BBB makes connections that politics often keep separate. Jewish, Gypsy, Arabic, and American are united by hip hop beats and dancehall toasts. BBB's musical hitch-hiking continues as they mix things up with dub and electronics, juxtaposed with ancient Moroccan and Mediterranean melodies. The band's sound gives equal weight to soulful acoustic timbres and digital rhythms creating a uniquely organic sound with electronic elements. Echoing his growing involvement in their live shows, MC Tomer Yosef is a dynamic presence on Nu Med, blazing his way through featured tracks Digital Monkey, Mexico City, & Hermetico.

(01) Keep 'Em Straight (Intro)
(02) Hermetico
(03) Habibi Min Zaman
(04) BBBeat
(05) Digital Monkey
(06) Balcasio
(07) Pachima
(08) Quand Est-Ce Qu'on Arrive-
(09) Mexico City
(10) Delancey
(11) Joro Boro
(12) Gypsy Queens
(13) $20 For Boban
(14) Baharim (Outro)


Part 1
Part 2

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