Sussita - Sussita (2005)

Sussita - Sussita
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Released: 2005 | Genre: Progressive Folk, Ethnic | Label: Self released


SUSSITA are an Israeli progressive folk band whose music is intended to be nostalgic and whimsical. The band's name is in reference to a short-lived Israeli-manufactured automobile by the same name, and pays tribute to an earlier and simpler time in Israeli society.

The band's music has been compared to other Israeli bands such as SHESHET and APOCALYPSE. The band also has ties to the symphonic rock band EGGROLL (drummer Gil Idan plays in both bands) as well as the fusion group SYMPOZION (bassist Dan Karpman is a member of that band).

SUSSITA's music is marked by flutes (often two of them) as well as accordion in addition to the more common band instruments. Their lyrics tend toward poetry pieces put to music, and are sung in Hebrew. The band is known for their sense of humor and showmanship in live shows.

Track listing
1. Pticha (0:40)
2. Debka (3:39)
3. HaMadrich LeRikudei Am (5:28)
4. Shir Shalva (4:45)
5. Tiul (4:47)
6. Na'arati (2:21)
7. Adarim (4:00)
8. Sela (3:56)
9. Tefilat Hayai (3:14)
10. Lot (5:39)
11. Ruhot HaKefar (6:59)
12. Tzav 7 (5:53)
13. Aley Giv'a (5:03)

- Meiron Egger / lead vocals
- Na'ama Shalev Yona / flute
- Nadav Vikinsky / keyboards
- Ron Yona / guitars
- Dan Karpman / bass
- Gil Idan / drums


LOSSLESS (Seperate FLAC+cue+Log+Tau)
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Part 2



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