Shaham Ohana - At VaAni [You & Me] (2005)

Shaham Ohana - At VaAni [You & Me]
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Released: 2005 | Genre: Rock, Soul, Funk, Psychedelic | Label: Self released

Shaham Ohana 's debut album was recorded over two years (2001-2003). Shaham played bass for a lot of other bands and singers (Shlomo Artzi, Rita and Rami, Ariel Horowitz, Amir Benayoun, Dana Berger, Shotey Hanevua, etc.) and considered as one of the best Bass Players around.
he Is now in 'Funkenstein the band' and also playing with Karolina and Uzi Ramirez.
this album also has the Original Version of the song 'Al Telech Kol-Kach Rachok' (don't go so far) that Shaham contribute for Karolina's latest album.

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Track listing
1. Menasa Oti (Tryin' Me)
2. Ein Li Shum Sikui (I don't have a Chance)
3. Rak KsheTifga (Only when you'll hurt)
4. Al Telech Kol-Kach Rachok (Don't go so far)
5. Kol Haderech (All the way)
6. At lo youtzet levad yoter (You do'nt go out alone anymore)
7. Keitzad Teda? (How do you know?)
8. At Lo Notenet (You do'nt let)
9. Zman (Time)
10. Meohav (In-Love)
11. Moti

Production: Shaham Ohana and Ziv Coujo
Recording & Art Consultants : Yossi Hasson
Mix: Ori Momo Barak
Drawing: Ido Bar Zakay

Gilad Shmueli - Drums
Amit Yitzhak - electric guitars
Yaniv Dadon - electric guitars
Emily Karpel & Elran Dekel - vocals
Alon Freeman - Fender Rhodes & Hammond
Shaham Ohana - bass, acoustic and classical guitar, vocals


Separate FLAC
Part 1
Part 2


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