Yaron Pe'er - Orian (2007)

Yaron Pe'er - Orian
Mp3 @ 192 kbps CBR | 44.1 Khz | Joint Stereo | Total Time: 57 min 32 sec | 84 Mb
Released: 2007 | Genre: Middle-Eastern / Ethnic | Label: Magda Records
Yaron Pe’er’s Debut Album, Orian, is a global collaboration of 25 esteemed musicians from countries including Sudan, Egypt, Israel and India. The album was created and recorded over the course of a year in the Sinai Desert, which Yaron calls “the land of believers.” The desert inspires the album, and its’ purity and clarity is offered to the listeners. Multi-instrumental Pe’er composed and arranged the music while performing vocals and playing the oud, sarangi, guitar, buzuki, saxophone, and the surmandal. Orian’s lyrics, which are mainly derived from Psalms and Song of Songs, are brought to life with vibrant Sudanese, Hindu, Greek, Egyptian and Kavkas melodies and instruments. Combining each spiritually rich tradition with the wisdom of the ancient kings of Israel creates a dialogue using the universal language of music. This dialogue elevates listeners to look beyond our differences and discover the common ground and universality among us. Radiant songs of praise for the Creator are juxtaposed with compositions that soothe the soul. Close your eyes while listening to these songs and you will feel as if in the spacious and peaceful surroundings of the desert.


01. Open Thour Mine Eyes
02. Saz Taksim
03. Awake, O North Wind
04. Heavens Declare, The
05. Tar Taksim
06. My Heart
07. Harp Taksim
08. Keep Me
09. Ney Taksim
10. Orian
11. Love Sick (Intro)
12. Love Sick
13. Mercy and Truth
14. Lands of the Living
15. Siesta
16. Cello
17. Prayer of the Afflicted, A
18. Prayer for Traveler
19. Ney Taksim

Yaron Peer - Vocal, Oud, Buzuki, Giutar
Uri Shefi - Lira, Buzuki
Kalman Muscal- Ney Flut
Gil Hameeiri- Persian Zarb And Daff, Qachon
Rani Lorenz - Bass
Daniela turjeman - Vocal
Hodaya Bonar - Vocal
Guest: Mark Eliyahu - Kamanche

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