Yair Dalal With Al Ol Ensemble - The Perfume Road

Yair Dalal With Al Ol Ensemble - The Perfume Road
Release: 2001 | Middle-Eastern Folk, World Fusion | Publisher: Magda Records | Catalog number: 1369
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The perfume road was an ancient route that went from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. It was used by wandering merchandisers riding along it on the backs of their camels, bringing the expensive spices and perfumes produced in the east to western civilizations. An ancient people, the Nabateans, were the sole rulers of this old route until the second century AD, when the Roman Empire took over this remote region and doomed the Nabateans to decay. Their successors, the Bedouins, keep the nomadic life style until the present day.
Yair Dalal was inspired by this old historical reality of free borders society that existed in the Middle East 2000 years ago.
By creating The Perfume Road he tries to remind us, using musical language, how different and free a reality such as this could be.
The ancient perfume road is revived here, on its colors, scents and sound.

1. El Halidg
2. Petra
3. Jethro
4. Meever Lanahan (Across the river)
5. The Perfume Road - Love Song
6. Shalomediterranne


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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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