Haig Yazdjian - Talar - 1996

Talar - 1996
Jazz, Fusion, Ethnic | 1CD | MP3 CBR 192 Kbps | 77.8 MB
Haig Yazdjian was born by Armenian parents in Syria, and has been living in Greece for the last 20 years. There, he discovered the enchanting elements of Eastern music, and took up the oud as the means to express an inner undiscovered domain. Soon, he became extremely popular as an oud soloist, and one of the most characteristic vocalists. The release of his first album, TALAR, in 1996, accelerated his popularity, but more important chartered him amongst the most promising composes of his generation.Yazdjian was hailed for the unique ways he was blending diverse elements of the eastern Mediterranean music traditions vested in the practice of considering tradition as a live creative force. All that in a rather, ethereal or even interminable fashion as the title of TALAR alludes to.
This music is a voyage ! Deep in the sound of the water , deep in the sound of our souls , deep in the sound of an Orient sky .This music is full of colours , dreams , life and pain .It' s alive between instruments like : Kanun , Taboura , Fluete , Saz , Nay , Outi and more
1. Garin
2. Ov Siroun
3. Lost Train
4. Talar
5. Habrban
6. Weaving Silk
7. Carod
8. Journey
9. Badouin Dance
10. Kouyr Grounk
11. Friday Morning

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