Sofi Hellborg - Drumming Is Calling (2008)

Afro-beat / Nu-Jazz / Funk | 1CD | MP3 VBR 224 Kbps | 71.3 MB
Label: Ajabu! | Language: English
Great grooves from Sofi Hellborg -- a European musician, but one with a deep commitment to Afro Funk grooves! The style here is nicely divergent from Sofi's previous set with Tony Allen -- still strongly Afro funky at the roots, but with a bit more emphasis on jazzy passages too --not only Sofi's own work on alto and soprano sax, but also trombone, guitar, and keyboards from group members too. Sofi sings a bit on the record -- in sweet tones that are again a nice change from the usual Afro Funk revival record -- and the lyrics are often righteous, but without ever going too far over the top. Titles include "Mother Earth", "Maybe I Was Dreaming", "All The Signs", "Drumming Is Calling", "Tell Your Mama", "Cannot Stop To Play", and "Bottledance", which features some great instrumentation on glass bottles!” Review on

Band Members:
Sofi Hellborg - alto& sopr. sax, flute, vocals & thumb piano.
Ola Åkerman - tromb, b.vox.
Magnus Lindeberg - guitar.
Ola Hedén - key,b.vox.
Sal Dibba - perc.
Mats Ingvarsson - bass,b.vox.
Jean-francois Ludovicus - drums,
Ed Epstein - bariton sax

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01. Government Lies
02. Mother Earth
03. Maybe I Was Dreaming
04. My Love
05. It is Ok Now
06. All The Signs
07. Drumming Is Calling
08. Tell Your Mama
09. Cannot Stop To Play
10. Bottledance

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