George Martin - In My Life

George Martin - In My Life
Beatles Memories With Heroes & Friends...
Released: 1998 | Publisher: MCA | CAT.N: B00000DFE9
Classic Rock, Rock-Pop | LOSSLESS (Ape.Img+Log+Cue) +Scans | 271 MB
Total Time: 47:15 | RS

"A Day In The Life" was nominated for the 2000 Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

They hardly ever make 'em like this anymore. Once upon a time, as lovingly documented on priceless collections like GOLDEN THROATS, non-singers like William Shatner, Joey Bishop and Sebastian Cabot would try their hand at "vocalizing," with unintentionally hilarious results. By the '90s such folks were far too self-conscious for that sort of endeavor, and the novelty well ran dry. When Beatles producer George Martin decided it was time to make his own album, he obviously remembered his beginnings as a successful comedy producer. He assembled the entertaining, (intentionally) side-splitting IN MY LIFE. Calling upon the likes of Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and Sean Connery to interpret classic Beatles tunes will surely earn Martin an eternal place in the Dr. Demento Hall of Fame, and a reputation as a man confident enough to poke fun at his own musical legacy.

Feat.Robin Williams,Celine Dio Goldie Hawn,Jim Carrey & More
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Recorded at Air Studios, London, England; Fantasy Studios, San Francisco, California; The Record Plant, Los Angeles, California.

George Martin (conductor, arranger)

Robin Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Goldie Hawn, Celine Dion,
Jim Carrey, Billy Connolly, Phil Collins, Sean Connery (vocals)

John Williams (classical guitar)
Jeff Beck (guitar)
Vanessa Mae (violin)

01. "Come Together" – 4:37
* Featuring Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrin on vocals.
02. "A Hard Day's Night" – 3:24
* Featuring Goldie Hawn on keyboards & vocals.
03. "A Day in the Life" – 4:44
* An instrumental version, featuring Jeff Beck on guitar.
04. "Here, There, and Everywhere" – 3:18
* Featuring CĂ©line Dion on vocals.
05. "Because" – 3:18
* Featuring Vanessa Mae on violin & vocals.
06. "I Am the Walrus" – 4:31
* Featuring Jim Carrey on keyboards & vocals.
07. "Here Comes the Sun" – 3:30
* Featuring the guitar virtuoso John Williams on guitar.
08. "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" – 2:58
* Featuring Billy Connolly on vocals.
09. "The Pepperland Suite" (George Martin) – 6:19
* Originally appeared in 1969 album Yellow Submarine, with new arrangements.
10. "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry That Weight"/"The End" – 5:38
* Featuring Phil Collins on drums, percussion & vocals.
11. "Friends and Lovers" (George Martin) – 2:24
12. "In My Life" – 2:29
* Featuring Sean Connery on lead spoken word vocal.



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