Haig Yazdjian - Garin 1998

Haig Yazdjian - Garin
Jazz, Fusion, Ethnic | MP3 @ 192 kbps | +Covers | 72.3 MB
Released: 1998 | Publisher: Libra Records | Total Time: 52:09 | RS

This is the second personal album by Haig Yazdjian. With the well-known sound of his oud, Yazdjian describes 'GARIN' as the desire the free Armenians have for life. This album includes seven compositions of Yazdjian and four traditional pieces (one instrumental and three songs). The compositions of Yazdjian call on us to follow once again this unique musical journey. The warmth of his voice expresses yet again the fine melodies of Armenian music tradition. It is worth mentioning the numerous exceptional musicians that are featured as well as the intense orchestration.

1. Dialogue
2. Arabian Fusion
3. Bingeol
4. Parallel
5. Passing Clouds
6. Old Days
7. Ay, Lodi
8. Nazeli
9. Yar Ko Parag
10. Stony Lands
11. The Monks




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