Pearl Jam - Binaural 2000

Released: 2000 | Label: Epic | Catalog#: 494590 2
Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock | LOSSLESS (Wv.Img+Log+Cue) | 308 MB | +Full Scans (35 Mb)
Mp3 CBR @ 320 kbps

Some say Pearl Jam are finished. Some say they went long ago when Vitalogy became the epitome of what Grunge had become - confused, muddled and dark. Some say they went with No Code, when the brash classic rock meets punk anthems of Ten and Vs. flew out the back door in favour of eastern-influenced singalongs such as Who You are and the rockers on it seemed unfocussed. Some said they died with Yield.

No matter when people say Pearl Jam 'died' or 'sold out' (and there is many a PJ fan who would dispute that last comment to the day they die), the fact remains that Pearl Jam have the potential to create some of most emotional, passionate and beautiful rock music ever made. On this album, they get there.

The album opens quickly, with Pete Townshend like riffs exploding into the speakers - its 'I can see for Miles' except this time it breaks into rapid fire bass and guitar - Breakerfall - the perfect opening for the album, and PJ sounding in fine form. That moves quickly onto 'Gods Dice'- the perfect one-two to floor this listener at the start of the album. Then comes the jilted 'Evacuation' - the Matt Cameron penned piece, filled with sparkling fills.
Then the album sparks into top gear. 'Light Years' follows - the albums mix of the best of Pearl Jam over the past ten years - its Given to Fly, Wishlist, Alive and Immortality all rolled into one and the result is one of the most beautifully crafted pop songs ever made. Stunning. 'nothing as it seems' continues in the same mold, all McCready wailing over the strum of the acoustic.

Still only five tracks in, and already we're knocked out by the sheer BEAUTY of the writing. 'Thin Air' recalls Daughter but never plagiarises it, while Insignificance is possibly the best true rock song PJ have written since their early days. A fullisade of riffs crashes down before its the sparse Of the Girl - perhapsthe song that best shows PJ's versatility. Grievance follows - the line 'Pledge my Grievance to the flag' - proving PJ still have the political roots in them. Then weve got the album closes - the lovely 'Sleight of Hand,' all aural texture, and a quirky Vedder ballad on the ukelele. 'Parting Ways' sounds a little too much 'Long Road' for my liking, but overall its a lovely ending to a magnificent album. They haven't sold out. They're not dead. They always have, and always will be, Alive.

Eddie Vedde - Vocals, Guitars
Stone Gossard - Guitars
Jeff Ament - Bass
Mike McCready - Guitars
Matt Cameron - Drums

1. Breakerfall 2:21
2. Gods' Dice 2:26
3. Evacuation 2:56
4. Light Years 5:06
5. Nothing As It Seems 5:21
6. Thin Air 3:34
7. Insignificance 4:28
8. Of The Girl 5:07
9. Grievance 3:14
10. Rival 3:38
11. Sleight Of Hand 4:47
12. Soon Forget 1:46
13. Parting Ways 3:49
14. Typing 0:28


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