Primus - Suck On This -Live

Primus - Suck On This (Live)
Release: 1989 | Label: Caroline Records | Catalog number: 1620
Funk, Metal, Rock | LOSSLESS (Wv.Img+Log+Cue+Scans) | 278Mb | Total Time: 43:10 | RS
MP3 @ 320 kbps | 44100Hz | Joint Stereo | 99 MB

Slap-funk, speed-metal, alternative rock or maybe even quirky bizarre ***. It is hard to put Primus into a musical genre these days. The band itself, arguably having the best bass player of the 20th century is very wierd indeed. Like very fine wine, it's an aquired taste. This album is pure live material which was strangly released before their debut album, Frizzle Fry. It features all original members of the band; Les Claypool, Larry Laonde and Tim Alexander.

Suck on This is was released in 1989 and re-issued on April 23, 2002, along with Frizzle Fry. The album was recorded live at the Berkeley Square in Berkeley, California on February 25 and March 5, 1989, before they recorded their first studio album in December of the same year. Primus released that album, Frizzle Fry, in April 1990. "Tommy The Cat" first appeared as a studio track on Sailing the Seas of Cheese. "Pressman" appeared as "The Pressman" on Pork Soda. A studio version of "Jellikit" appeared on the Airheads soundtrack. It wasn't until 1999, as a hidden track on Antipop, that "The Heckler" was released. All tracks not mentioned were studio recorded for Frizzle Fry. Enough bull***, let's get on with the review.

Les Claypool: Bass guitar, Vocals
Larry "Ler" Laonde: Lead Guitar
Tim "Herb" Alexander: Drums

Songs & Review

John the fisherman

Great intro taken from Rushes YYZ, (Bass player Geddy Lee was stated as Claypools greatest influence.) The band displays a lot of energy in the opening track, but is let down because Claypool's vocals sound a bit shaken (probably because of nerves.) 6/10

Groundhog's Day

The band really show what they can do in this song. Claypool's singing is hysterical as he sings about pie and throws his voice whilst strumming bass chords. Larry's great guitar playing shines throughout with a nice laid back lick in the verse and a speedy solo near the end. Herb just does his thing throughout. The song ends with a fast change of tempo. Fantastic. 8/10

The Heckler

The start of this song always cracks me up because Claypool takes the piss out of Larry. Anyway, in my opinion, this song is one of the wierdest Primus songs i've ever heard. With a funky guitar riff that sounds like somthing out of the circus combined with a Claypool line that doesn't make sense, i think you'll agree. At the chorus though, the song get all slap funk and the whiplash kicks in. A good song because you just can't understand it. 9/10


Chances are if you go to a Primus concert, this song will be their encore. In all it's a very dark song but i really don't see nothing special about it. Just a continous bass line and depressing lyrics. 5/10


God, Primus really chose the wierd songs to be put on this compilation. Jellikit is a fast paced slap funk fest that really shows off what the drummer, Tim, can do. Probably the fastest song on the album. 7/10

Tommy the cat

You want pure Primus? It's right here baby!! Tommy the cat has got it all. Nice team work between band members, notably Tim and Claypool, Cool bass licks from Les, a kick *** guitar solo by Larry and lyrics that'll guarantee a smile. The song even has a Claypool bass solo for god sakes, and it sounds like his fingers could ignite the fretboard any second! This song demonstrates what an underated band Primus are. 10/10

Pudding Time

One of my personal faveourite Primus songs. The intro sounds strangly like a song off Metallica's black album but this song is great and shows that Primus can write goofy humour which is related to serious events. The verse has a great Larry guitar riff that is harder to play than it actually sounds. High marks for sillyness. 8/10

Harold of the rocks

I really would have thought they would use this for the outro for the gig but I agree with their final choice. This song is a classic Claypool story about nothing. It has personal lyrics that envolves the audience in a quirky way and has a bluesy riff in the verse. It has a massive breakdown section that has Larry and Claypool just jamming it out. Then it goes back into the song and ends with a very humourous climax. Excellent. 8/10

Frizzle Fry
After hearing this I have realised it would have been a much better idea for Primus to use this as the outro to their actually LP. This song is pure carnage. It is tuned to D instead of E which already suggests that this song is going to be heavy. It has an egyptian theme throughout and hilarious lyrics which adds to the greatness. At one point the song gets fast and Larry lets rip a shred solo which shows what a great player he is (he was taught by Joe Satriani after all.) This song is a perfect ending. 9/10

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