Richard Bona Complete Solo Discography + Extras

Richard Bona Complete Solo Discography(1997-2008)
4 Studio Albums, 2 Live + 3 With Others
Fusion / Jazz / Latin / Jazz-rock / African | 1997-2008 | 8 Albums mp3 @ 192-320kbps CBR (Plus 2 Lossless) | + 2 Live Video | No Complete Scans
1.1 GB @ RS | Labels: Decca / Universal / Columbia / Verve / Emarcy

Born in 1967 in the village of Minta in East Cameroon, Richard Bona grew up in a home filled with music. He began to perform in public at the age of five, singing in the village church with his mother and four sisters. His earliest instruments were wooden flutes and hand percussion. Eventually he constructed his own 12-string acoustic guitar. After moving to the bigger city of Douala, Richard began playing gigs at the age of 11 on a rented electric guitar. A major turning point in his life happened in 1980 when a Frenchman came to his town and established a jazz club in a local hotel. The club owner heard about the young local prodigy and hired him to assemble a band.

“I didn't know anything about jazz,” Richard says, “but the gig paid really well, so I took it.” The hotel provided the instruments, so Richard would spend his entire day there, learning to play all of the instruments and teaching himself to read and write music. The club owner also offered his collection of 500 jazz LPs as a kind of reference library for Bona to start learning the repertoire. Purely by chance, the first record he pulled out of the stacks was Jaco Pastorius, the revolutionary self-titled debut album from 1976 by the bassist from Weather Report. This single album became a kind of Rosetta Stone for Bona's entry into jazz. “Before I heard Jaco I'd never even considered playing bass,” he recalls. “But when I heard that music, and especially the tune 'Portrait of Tracy,' it changed my life”

In 1989, at age 22, Bona moved to Paris and soon began working with such leading French musicians as violinist Didier Lockwood and bassist Marc Ducret as well as such African stars as Manu Dibango and Salif Keita. During his seven years in Paris, Richard refined his writing skills while further immersing himself in the music of jazz greats like Miles Davis, Chet Baker and Ben Webster. After locating to New York late in 1995, he contacted former Weather Report founder Joe Zawinul, whom he had previously met and played with in Paris. Richard joined the Zawinul Syndicate, appearing on 1996's My People and following it up with a whirlwind international tour (documented on 1998's live World Tour). In 1997, Bona became the musical director for Harry Belafonte, a position he held for a year and a half. In 1998, Richard began a series of regular Tuesday night tributes to Jaco Pastorius in an intimate downtown New York club called the Izzy Bar. There he would intersperse Jaco classics like “Liberty City,” “Continuum,” “Opus Pocus” and “Portrait of Tracy” with his own roots-oriented African-flavored originals. Review On



With Joe Zawinul - My People - Live 1996 (Video)

Recorded: Fabrik, Hamburg, 16/11/1996 | NDR Germany
Analogue satellite>DVD-R>AutoGK>Xvid (1500 Kbps) with HQ VBR MP3 audio
Length: 75m 1s | 640x480 | 4:3 | 25.00fps | 894 MB | RS

Joe Zawinul returns to Hamburg with his Syndicate.
Joe Zawinul - keyboards; Amit Chatterjee - guitar; Richard Bona - bass; Mokhtar Samba - drums; Abdou Mboup - percussion.

My People - Live 1996 - Download Links


Larry Coryell - Spaces Revisited
Release Date: May 20, 1997
Label: Shanachie

This is a no-lose proposition for fans of Larry Coryell, Bireli Lagrene, or jazz guitar in general. The mood and sound is actually different from the original "Spaces" album, but equally satisfying. If you are a musician, you will soon be in awe of how good these guys are, as they crank out a set of nearly flawless improvised performances with little-to-no rehearsal and no overdubs. In fact, scratch the word "nearly," because the only flaw I hear on this CD is some audio clipping on the guitars, noticeable primarily in "Morning Of The Carnival." (Miked a tad hot, I'd say.) Great take on the Luiz Bonfa classic, by the way, especially at the end when Coryell repeats the melody using harmonics.

Also, on my stereo I have to roll off some bottom end, but that seems to be the case with a lot of pure digital recordings. (I assume this is a DDD disc, but the liner notes don't explicitly say so.)

This is a good album to test your ears with if you are not a guitarist. Lagrene and Coryell have a similar sound, but after you listen a bit (and with the aid of the liner notes cheat sheet) you will notice the differences in tone--Coryell's has a more percussive edge--and in their licks and phrasing. There is a hint of Larry's younger rock/jam days in his style, and Bireli reveals a bit of his gypsy-jazz heritage. But these are characteristics you would only recognize if you were already familiar with both players. Anyone hearing them for the first time would think they'd been collaborating for years.

But it doesn't end there. Backing up these killer guitars are legendary drummer Billy Cobham and the versatile bassist Richard Bona. Check out the 9/8 section on "Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat." It doesn't get a whole lot better than this, folks.

As the capper to a smokin' batch of ensemble performances, we get a beautiful acoustic duet version of Monk's "Ruby, My Dear," an inspired choice both musically and in track placement. Makes it feel like kind of an encore at a live concert and lets us hear the guitar in its unadorned greatness.

Too bad the market for jazz is so small these days, because this is one album that should have been promoted a lot.

1. Dragon Gate, The
2. Hong Kong Breeze
3. Spaces Revisited
4. Variations on Good-Bye Pork Pie Hat
5. Blues For Django and Stephane
6. Morning of the Carnival
7. Oleo
8. Introduction to 'Ruby'
9. Ruby My Dear

Larry Coryell
Richard Bona
Billy Cobham
Bireli Lagrene

Part 1
Part 2
125 MB

Scenes from My Life
Release Date: 1999 08 24
Label: Columbia

Bassist/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Richard Bona has debuted SCENES FROM MY LIFE for Columbia Jazz. The Cameroon, Africa native who is widely considered to be one of the world’s top bass players, and rightly so, has performed with such great musicians as Harry Belafonte, Joe Zawinul, Manu Dibango, Billy Cobham, The Brecker Brothers and Salif Keita. Singing in his native language of Douala, Richard Bona blends African music and jazz to reveal his remarkable talents as a vocalist and instrumentalist. He composed all twelve songs about various incidents in his life, the politics of his native country and is joined by such stellar musicians as Omar Hakim on drums, Michael Brecker on tenor sax, Jean-Michel Pilc and Edsel Gomez on piano and Aaron Heick on alto saxophone. Richard Bona has a great voice and by singing in his native language of Douala, one gets the true meaning, rhythmic content and vivid artistry of each and every lyric. Standouts on the CD include the “Te Dikalo,” “Djombwe,” and “One Minute,” which is sung in English and Douala! The string arrangement on “Muna Nyuwe,” is a Bona-fide triumph and as are the rhythmic gems Bona offers. SCENES FROM MY LIFE is a marvelous debut for Richard Bona and represents the brilliance within his consummate artistry. A must have.

1 Dipita
2 New Bell
3 Souwedi Na Wengue
4 Eyala
5 Djombwe
6 Te Dikalo
7 One Minute
8 Muna Nyuwe
9 Na Mala Nde
10 Konda Djanea
11 Eyando
12 Messanga

Richard Bona-vocals, bass, keyboards, organ, percussion, vocoder, kalimba, guitars; Jean-Michel Pilc-piano; Omar Hakim-drums; Makthar Samba-drums; Alune Faye-sabbar; Frederique Favarel-acoustic & electric guitar; Aaron Heick-alto sax; Stephan Vera-drums; Ari Hoenig-drums; Etienne Stadwijk-keyboards; Jeremy Gaddie-drums; Edsel Gomez-piano; Colette Michaan-flute; Luisito Quintero-percussion; Members of the New York Symphony; Michael Brecker

72.11 MB

Release Date: 2001 09 18
Label: Columbia Europe

On this 2001 album, Reverence, his second full-length recording, all of those years of surrounding himself with music shine through. Even though the lyrics aren't in English, fans from the United States seem to enjoy the album. Bona's songs on Reverence are jazz, but done in a world style, with the flavor of his homeland proudly holding a large spot. The numbers on this recording carry styles of fusion and American jazz, but also offer African pop, Latin, jazz-rock, and even some orchestral arrangements.

1. Invocation (A Prophecy)
2. Bisso Baba (Always Together)
3. Sunninga (When Will I Ever See You?)
4. Ekwa Mwato (Affirmation Of The Spirit)
5. Sweet Mary (Everyone Has A Choice)
6. Reverence (The Story Of A Miracle) with Pat Matheny on guitar
7. Te Misea (A Scream To Save The Planet)
8. Muntula Moto (The Benediction Of A Long Life)
9. Laka Mba (Plea For Forgiveness {With The Pride Of Lions})
10. Ngad’a Ndutu (Widow’s Dance {Celebration Of A New Life}) with Michael Brecker on tenor sax
11. Esoka (Trust Your Heart)
12. Mbanga Kumba (Two Cities, One Train)

Part 1
Part 2
105 MB

Scenes From My Life & Reverence Scans

Munia: The Tale
Release Date: 2003 09 30
Label: Verve Record

The beauty of music and instruments has intrigued Richard Bona since the days of his childhood in the Minta village of Cameroon. As a young boy in West Africa he made his own wooden instruments and performed as a singer and multi-instrumentalist for various religious ceremonies, weddings and celebrations in his village. Appropriately dubbed, “The African Sting”, Richard Bona has been showcasing his West African inspired genius all over the world for the last 15 years. His unique style is situated at the crossroads of a horde of influences – jazz, bossa nova, pop music, afro beat, traditional song and funk. This fusion in conjunction with Bona’s poignant voice is what constitutes his latest release, Munia (The Tale).

Munia, which means “tale” in the Douala language, tells its own eclectic musical story that could only be authored by Richard Bona. The album is packed with a variety of flavors, which include tropical rock, “Balemba na Bwemba”, rhumba “Couscous” and an exhilarating fusion piece “Engingilaye”. Collaborations with notable musicians like Salif Keita (vocals), Djely Moussa Conde (kora) and Bailo Ba (traditional flutes) on the zesty “Kalabancoro” or the virtuoso Romero Lubambo on the acoustic guitar on the vivacious bossa nova “Bona Petit” complete with Bona singing in French make Munia a world classic.

1 Bonatology (Incantation)
2 Kalabancoro
3 Sona Mama
4 Painting a Wish
5 Engingilaye
6 Dina Lam (Incantation)
7 Balemba Na Bwemba
8 Muto Bye Bye
9 Bona Petit
10 Couscous
11 Playground

Richard Bona - vocals, bass, keyboards, organ, percussion
Kenny Garrett - Soprano Saxophone
Romero Lubambo - Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums

Live In Paris
Recorded Live in Paris (Maison de la Radio, Studio 105) by Radio France
Broadcast by 'France Inter' radio on March 7, 2004, 10:00 to 11:00 PM

01 - Swinga (Bona) 3:51
02 - Laisser parler (Canonge) 7:22
03 - Ebolo Stuff (Bona) 6:53
04 - Sowedi Na Wengue (Bona/Favarel) 9:39
05 - Hommage א Claude Nougaro - Cecile (Nougaro) 4:08
06 - Balakatun (Berthoumieux) 9:37
07 - Tedy Kalo (Bona) 3:36

Total time: 45'09"

Richard Bona: Bass, Vocals
Marc Berthoumieux: Accordion
Mario Canonge: Piano
Etienne Stadwijk: Keyboards
Stephan Vera: Drums

74 Mb

Richard Bona/Lokua Kanza/Gerald Toto
Release Date: 2005 07 19
Label: Emarcy

If you like vintage Bobby McFerrin, where he layered his voice, sang lovely melodies, and offered a gentle vibe that seemed to delve into both world music and jazz, then this collaboration between Cameroonian Richard Bona (who plays most of the instruments), Lokua Kanza from the Congo, and Gerald Toto -- all accomplished artists in their own right -- is for you. While there's an occasional African sensibility to the music, as on "Flutes," it's toned down to offer a kind of global experience that can't be pinpointed to any one place. That they're all excellent singers is immediately apparent (listen to the harmonies on "Na Ye" as an example), and the understated arrangements are there to support the vocals rather than stand alone. They give a relaxed blues-lite touch to "Help Me" and sound soulful, but ultimately there's very little that sticks in the memory once the record's finished.

1 Ghana Blues (Bona)
2 Kwalelo (Bona)
3 Lamuka (Kanza)
4 Endormie (Toto)
5 Flutes (Toto)
6 Front (Bona)
7 Nayé (Kanza)
8 Help Me (Toto
9 Stesuff (Kanza)
10 Where I Came From (Toto)
11 Seven Beats (Bona)
12 Lisanga (Kanza)

60 Mb

Sadao Watanabe And Richard Bona - One For You (Live.2005)
Recording Date: October 4-5, 2005 | Label: M&M Music | Catalog number: 61361
Jazz Contemporary / World Fusion | FLAC (Tracks + Scans) Lossless | 421 Mb | Total Time: 65:58 | RS

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Release Date: 2006 08 22
Label: Decca

Richard Bona's fourth solo album continues the artist's exploration of the possible linkages of global fusion, jazz, R&B, and pop. Bona has already proven his value to others by lending his bassmanship to an array of artists ranging from Bobby McFerrin (whose scat-informed vocal style is not unlike Bona's) to Paul Simon, Chick Corea, and Queen Latifah. But Tiki is about the expansion of his own brand name, with Bona providing much of the keyboards, guitar, and percussion in addition to the fluid bass pulses and the smooth, unhurried vocals that permeate the set. Shuffling between African, Latin, Brazilian, and Western pop and funk rhythms and a grab-bag of harmonic colors and mesmerizing melodies, Bona's talents as a multi-tasker finally converge here into an unmistakable identity. Guests, among them multiple Grammy-winning singer John Legend (on the opening track, "Please Don't Stop"), Indian music vocalist Susheela Raman, Brazilian star Djavan, and jazz guitar dynamo Mike Stern all assist graciously. But the particular stew that is Tiki is all Richard Bona this time, the richest, most whole manifestation of his artistry to date.

1 Please Don't Stop
2 Dipama
3 Tiki
4 Kivu
5 O Beta O Siba
6 Esoka Bulu (Night Whisper)
7 O Sen Sen Sen
8 Manyaka O Brazil
9 Three Women
10 Ba Senge
11 Ida Bato (Ancient Song 1789)
12 Akwa Samba Yaya
13 Calçabão de Copacabana
14 Samaouma
15 Nu Sango

Download Mp3
Part 1
Part 2
170 MB

Bona Makes You Sweat
Release Date: 2008 03 25
Label: Decca (USA)

Rather than release a safe greatest hits type collection, Decca had the capital idea to follow his Grammy nominated disc Tiki with a high energy, hour-plus live album that captures a batch of his most compelling, rhythmically overjoyed tracks in the habitat where they best come to life. The unique twist is that while Bona loves being on-stage, he's not a fan of making live recordings. So his deal was telling his board guy not to inform him of which performance he was recording to use for the album. The result, tracked at the club A38 in Budapest, is a blast that shares with the world all the energized enthusiasm generated night after night by Bona and his band (keyboardist Etienne Stadwijk, trumpeter Taylor Haskins, guitarist John Caban, percussionist Samuel Torres and drummer Ernesto Simpson). Bona's hip multi-cultural vibe comes to life from the get-go on a 13-minute plus run through a crafty medley of his buoyant, reggae-rolling tune "Engingilaye" (sung in an African language) and the infectious son montuno groove of the salsafied, horn-spiked sizzler "Te Dikalo." Other highlights include the bright, easy rolling samba flavored hum-along "O Sen Sen Sen," the fascinating vocal texturing excursion "Samaouma" (featuring an African "choir" created by digital looping technology), and a slap bass/trumpet/percussion jam sung in his native Douala that jumps out like an ethnic version of Marcus Miller. Bona's trademark exuberant closer, the piece segues magically into the familiar riffing of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish," complete with some call and response with the audience. Live albums were more a luxury than a given in the 2000s, but it's almost a necessity when dealing with an artist as diverse and kinetic as Bona. Kudos to Decca for having the courage to go this route.

1. Engingilaye & Ekwa mwato
2. Kivu & Suninga
3. Kalabancoro
4. Samaouma
5. O Sen Sen Sen
6. Indiscreations & Please Don't Stop
7. Djombwe & I Wish &Trains
8. Te Dikalo

Richard Bona (Bass)
Etienne Stadwjick (Vocals and Keys)
Ernesto Simpson (Drums)
John Caban (Guitar)

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Part 1
Part 2
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Download APE (Log+Cue+Tau+Image+Info) Lossless
Part 1
Part 2
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