Jonas Hellborg - Art Metal Trio - Live at Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany, June 1, 2006 [2CD][FLAC]

Jonas Hellborg - Art Metal Trio - Live at Quasimodo
Recorded: June 1, 2006 Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany
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One thing that distinguishes Hellborg over all other bassists is that you never know what to expect next. Each new release brings a twist or a turn in musical direction and influence, never more true than Hellborg's career after the death of Shawn Lane in the autumn of 2003. Hellborg would continue to mine Carnatic influences on the 2005 album Kali's Son, recorded in India with Hellborg's longstanding percussionists, the Vinayakram brothers. A second release in 2005 was Osmose, a (highly recommended) side project with Jeff Sipe and, instead of guitar, Paul Hanson on bassoon. But early 2006 would bring both a return to Scandinavian roots and also a radical change in style - into Metal Jazz with "Art Metal". The Art Metal project has had two separate line-ups, one live and one studio. Common to both was the replacement of Lane with Swedish metal shredder, Matthias 'IA' Eklund, who progressively leaves behind the delicate tracery of Lane's transcendental signature, and substitutes a harder-edged, chop-dominated drive, returning the music to Western roots. The Art Metal project started in spring 2006 as a live trio of Hellborg and Eklund with Zoltan Czצrzs on drums who took a Metal Jazz direction that contrasted strongly with Kali's Son or Osmose. This FM broadcast from June 1st 2006 is the earliest known recording of Art Metal, giving us a glimpse of that heavy stripped-down sound before the studio sessions integrated Selvaganesh Vinayakram and Hellborg's earlier Swedish bandmates, the Johanssen brothers with Jens on keyboards and Anders on drums, making the final CD an exemplary fusion of Indian, jazz and metal influences - Dave Sez.
Thanks Alot to Dr.Fusion & Dave Sez for this Gem!

Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Matthias 'IA' Eklund - Guitar
Zoltan Czצrzs Jr. - Drums


Disc One
101 - Aga Of The Ladies
102 - Savitri
103 - Death That Sleeps In Them
104 - Six Eight
105 - Who Would You Like To Be

Disc Two

201 - Unknown Title
202 - Unknown Title
203 - Kidogo
204 - Unknown Title
205 - Leal Souvenir


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 3

Dave Sez: go get, you won't regret!

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Hi MDuke - this one is great... excellent sound quality also. Jonas is awesome, as r u... thnx -tommy