Salman Gambarov - East Or West? (2005)

Salman Gambarov - East Or West?
Mugam-Jazz, Ethnic, Fusion | Released: 2005
MP3 @ 320 Kbps CBR | 44100Hz | Joint Stereo | 124 MB | Total Time: 54:13 min | RS

The pianist and composer Salman Gambarov is one of the most famous and multifaceted jazz musicians in Azerbaijan. With his ensemble “Bakustic Jazz” he has performed at numerous international jazz festivals since 1996. The repertoire of the group is a mixture of everything from post-bop to ethnic jazz, often using traditional Azerbaijani instruments. Many compositions and performances are influenced by the Azerbaijani music tradition. The very title of the album “East or West?” released in 2005, describes Gambarov’s tendency to let western and eastern influences fuse in his music.

1 — Bird (after Azerbaijanian folk song)
2 — In Spring (V. Mustafa-zade)
3 — My Funny Zibeyda (T. Guliyev)
4 — Magic Circle (after Azerbaijanian folk song)
5 — Attack Yalli (after Azerbaijanian folk dance melody)
6 — Rahab (S. Gambarov)
7 — East Or West (S. Gambarov and A. Tagi-zade)



Part 1
Part 2

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