Stanley Clarke Complete Discography As a Solo Artist (1972-2009) + Extras

Stanley Clarke Complete Discography As a Solo Artist (1972-2009) + Extras
32 CD'S Of Mp3 @ 160-320 Kbps + 2 LOSSLESS CD'S + 4 Concerts DVDRips + 2 DVD5
Audio: 20 Official CD's, As a Solo Artist (+2009 New Trio CD), 1 Bootleg Live Show
11 Albums With the Artists: George Duke,Al Di Meola & Jean Luc Ponty, Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, atrice Rushen & Ndugu Chancler, Flora Purim And More..
Video: 4 Concerts DVDRips + 2 DVD5
+ PDF NOTES Songbook - The Stanley Clarke Collection
Jazz: Jazz-Fusion, Jazz-Rock, Jazz-Funk, Funk| 1972-2009 |
3.6 GB (Audio) + 8.3 GB (Video) @ RS | Labels: Verve / PolyDor / Sbme Special Mkts / Epic


Exploding into the jazz world in 1971, Stanley was a lanky teenager from the Philadelphia Academy of Music. He arrived in New York City and immediately landed jobs with famous bandleaders such as: Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon, Joe Henderson, Pharaoh Saunders, Gil Evans, Stan Getz, and a budding young pianist composer named Chick Corea.

All of these musicians recognized immediately the ferocious dexterity and complete musicality the young Clarke possessed on the acoustic bass. Not only was he expert at crafting bass lines and functioning as a timekeeper in the bass’ traditional role, Stanley also possessed a sense of lyricism and melody gained from his bass heroes Charles Mingus, Scott LaFaro, and others, including non-bass players like John Coltrane. Clarke recognized the opportunity to propel the bass into a viable melodic soloist role and was uniquely qualified to do just that.
The opportunity to state melody and to propel the bass to the front of the concert stage came to fruition when Clarke and Corea formed the seminal electric jazz/fusion band Return to Forever. RTF was a showcase for each of the quartet’s strong musical personalities, composing prowess, and instrumental voices. Clarke surmised, “we really didn’t realize how much of an impact we were having on people at the time. We were touring so much then, we would just make a record and go back on the road.” The band recorded eight albums, two of which were certified gold (the wildly successful Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy and the classic Romantic Warrior), won a Grammy award (No Mystery) and received numerous nominations while touring incessantly. And this was a jazz band!

Then Stanley, his now famous Alembic bass in hand, fired the shot heard ‘round the world’. He single-handedly started the 1970s “bass revolution,” paving the way for all bassist/soloist/bandleaders to follow. In 1974 he released his eponymous Stanley Clarke album, which featured a hit 45rpm “single” (we’re still talking about jazz here,) titled “Lopsy Lu.” In 1976 Stanley released School Days, of which the title track is now a bona fide bass anthem.

He acknowledges, quite unboastfully: “Anyone who seriously wants to learn to play the bass has to buy that record and learn to play that song.” Aspiring bassists must also master the percussive slap funk technique that Stanley pioneered as well. Stanley saw Larry Graham’s technique (Sly and the Family Stone) and seized upon the idea. He built his facility to a frightening speed, and then adapted it to complex jazz harmonies. Says Stanley, “Larry started it, but he had only one lick. I saw him do it, and I took it from there.” Stanley was the first musician to pop over chord changes. “A lot of guys could jam all day in E, but couldn’t play it over changes.”

Stanley Clarke became the first bassist in history to headline tours, selling out shows worldwide, and have his albums certified gold. The word “legend” was used to describe Stanley by the time he was 25 years old. In 1997 Epic/Sony released: By this tender young age, Stanley was already a celebrated pioneer in fusion jazz music. He was also the first bassist in history to double on acoustic and electric bass with equal virtuosity, power, and fire. He had also invented two new instruments: the piccolo bass and the tenor bass. The piccolo bass, built to his specifications by New York luthier Carl Thompson, is tuned one octave higher than the traditional electric bass guitar. The tenor bass is a standard Alembic bass tuned up one fourth higher than standard. With both of these instruments, Stanley’s melodic range is extended for playing in higher registers as he sees orchestrationally fit.

Alembic honored Stanley by offering a signature model Stanley Clarke bass, the first time in the company’s history of making only custom built instruments to do so. Whatever the instrument: acoustic bass viol, electric bass guitar, tenor bass, piccolo bass, acoustic bass guitar, electric upright, or any of the hundreds of axes in his arsenal, Stanley’s musicality and command of these instruments clearly define him as the greatest living bass virtuoso in the world, second to none, hands down, end of discussion.

Now king of the acoustic and electric jazz worlds, in 1981 Stanley teamed with George Duke to form the Clarke/Duke Project. Together they scored a top-twenty pop hit with “Sweet Baby,” recorded three albums and still tour to this day. Stanley’s involvement in additional projects as leader or active member include: Jeff Beck (tour of Japan and Europe, 1978-1979), Ronnie Wood's & Keith Richards’ New Barbarians (North American tour, 1979), Animal Logic (with Stewart Copeland, two albums and tours, 1989), The "Superband”(with Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Najee, and Deron Johnson, 1993-94), The Rite of Strings (with Jean Luc Ponty and Al Dimeola, 1995), Vertu’ (with Lenny White, 1999). A much more detailed listing of Stanley Clarke’s bands can be found in Discography. Clarke has won literally every major award available to a bass player: Grammys, Emmys, every readers’ poll out there, all the critics’ polls, gold and platinum records, walks of fame- you name it. He was Rolling Stone’s very first Jazzman of the Year, and bassist winner of Playboy’s Music Award for ten straight years.

Ever seeking new challenges, in 1985 Stanley turned his boundless creative energy to film and television scoring. Starting on the small screen with an Emmy nominated score for Pee Wee’s Playhouse, he progressed onto the silver screen as composer, orchestrator, conductor and performer of scores for such blockbuster films as: Boys N the Hood, What’s Love Got to Do With It (the Tina Turner Story), Passenger 57, Higher Learning, Poetic Justice, Panther, The Five Heartbeats, Little Big League, and Romeo Must Die. He has even scored a Michael Jackson video release directed by Jon Singleton entitled Remember the Time. Currently his scoring may be heard on the number one rated show for the Showtime Network: Soul Food. Stanley has become one of the elite in-demand composers in Hollywood. Check out our Film Composer section.

Stanley says that: “film has given me the opportunity to compose large orchestral scores and to compose music not normally associated with myself. It’s given me the chance to conduct orchestras and arrange music for various types of ensembles. It’s been a diverse experience for me musically, made me a more complete musician, and utilized my skills completely.” The 1995 release on Epic Soundtrax (Sony Music): Stanley Clarke At the Movies, bears stunning witness to this. (Stanley promises he will find the time to release an “At The Movies 2” as well as other recordings from his massive compositional library.)

His artistry has spanned classical, jazz, R&B and pop idioms. He has already succeeded in a multitude of diverse careers, any one of which would be satisfactory to anyone else. Yet he still pushes on, as invigorated and as passionate about music as that teenage prodigy from Philadelphia with a dream.

In 2001, Stanley returned more formally to his initial love: performing, recording, and playing the bass. The Biography of this incredible musician, like Stanley himself, is a continuing work in process.


As a Solo Artist

1973 - Children Of Forever (As Stan Clarke)
Label: Verve

1. Children Of Forever
2. Unexpected Days
3. Bass Folk Song
4. Butterfly Dreams
5. Sea Journey

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1974 - Stanley Clarke
Label: Sbme Special Mkts.

01 Vulcan Princess
02 Yesterday Princess
03 Lopsy Lu
04 Power
05 Spanish Phases for Strings & Bass
Life Suite
06 Part I
07 Part II
08 Part III
09 Part IV

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98 MB

1975 - Journey To Love
Label: Epic

1. Silly Putty
2. Journey To Love
3. Hello Jeff
4. Song For John (Part 1)
5. Song For John (Part II)
6. Concerto For Jazz / Rock Orchestra (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV)

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1976 - School Days
Label: Epic

1. School Days
2. Quiet Afternoon
3. The Dancer
4. Desert Song
5. Hot Fun
6. Life Is Just A Game

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69 MB

1978 - Modern Man
Label: Tristar

1. Opening Statement
2. He Lives On
3. More Hot Fun
4. Slow Dance
5. Interlude a Serious Occasion
6. Got to Find My Own Place
7. Dayride
8. Interlude It's What She Didn't Say
9. Modern Man
10. Interlude a Relaxed Occasion
11. Rock & Roll Jelly
12. Closing Statement

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88 MB

1979 - I Wanna Play For You (LIVE)
Label: Sbme Special Mkts.

1. I Wanna Play For You
2. Rock 'n' Roll Jelly
3. All About
4. Jamaican Boy
5. Christopher Ivanhoe
6. My Greatest Hits
7. Strange Weather
8. I Wanna Play For You
9. Just A Feeling
10. The Streets Of Philadelphia
11. School Days
12. Quiet Afternoon
13. Together Again
14. Blues For Mingus
15. Off The Planet

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1980 - Rocks, Pebbles And Sand
Label: Columbia

1. Danger Street
2. All Hell Broke Loose
3. Rocks, Pebbles and Sand
4. Underestimation
5. You-Me Together
6. We Supply
7. Story of a Man a Woman, Pt. 1: She Thought I Was Stanley Clarke
8. Part 2: A Fool Again
9. Part 3: I Nearly Went Crazy (Until I Realized What Had Occurred)

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1982 - Let Me Know You
Label: Wounded Bird

01. Straight to the Top
02. Let Me Know You
03. You Are the One for Me
04. I Just Want to Be Your Brother
05. Force of Love
06. Play the Bass
07. Secret to My Heart
08. New York City

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1984 - Time Exposure
Label: Epic


01. Play The Bass 10X10X10
02. Are You Ready (For The Future)
03. Speedball
04. Heaven Sent You
05. Time Exposure
06. Future Shock
07. Future
08. Spacerunner
09. I Know Just How You Feel

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1985 - Find Out
Label: Columbia


01. Find Out
02. What If I Should Fall in Love
03. Born in the U.S.A.
04. The Sky’s the Limit
05. Don’t Turn the Lights Out
06. Campo Americano
07. Sterotypica
08. Psychedelic
09. My Life

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1986 - Hideaway
Label: Epic

01. Hideaway
02. Overjoyed
03. My Love, Her Inspiration
04. Where Do We Go
05. The Boys Of Johnson Street
06. Old Friends
07. When It’s Cold Outside
08. Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart
09. Basketball
10. I’m Here To Stay

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1988 - If This Bass Could Only Talk
Label: Epic

01. If This Bass Could Only Talk
02. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
03. I Want To Play For Ya
04. Stories To Tell
05. Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)
06. Workin’ Man
07. Tradition
08. Come Take My Hand
09. Bassically Taps

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1991 - Live (1976-1977)
Label: Sony

01. School Days
02. Lopsy Lu
03. Quiet Afternoon
04. Silly Putty
05. Dayride
06. Bass Folk Song No. 3
07. The Magician
08. Desert Song
09. Vulcan Princess

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1992 - Passenger 57 OST
Label: Sony

1. Lookin' Good (Cutter's Theme)
2. Lisa
3. Cruisin'
4. Rane To Plane
5. Fight
6. Skyjack
7. What Is The Plan?
8. Just Lookin' Good (Cutter's Theme)
9. Big Fall
10. Motorcycles
11. Have A Nice Flight
12. Just Cruisin'
13. Ferris Wheel
14. 'Let Me Tell Him'
15. Tracking Rane
16. Chaos On The Tarmac
17. 'Anything Wet'
18. Flight Fight

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74 MB

1993 - East River Drive
Label: Sony International

01. Justice’s Groove
02. Fantasy Love
03. Zabadoobeede (Yabadoobeeda!)
04. East River Drive
05. I’m Home Africa
06. Theme From Boyz N The Hood
07. Christmas In Rio
08. What If I Forget The Champagne
09. Never Lose Your Heart . There Lies The Passion
10. Illegal
11. Lords Of The Low Frequencies
12. Funk Is Its Own Reward

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1994 - Stanley Clarke & Friends - Live At The Greek
With Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Deron Johnson & Najee
Label: Sbme Special Mkts.

1. Minute By Minute
2. Stratus
3. Buenos Aires
4. All Blues [14:01]
5. Good Bye Pork Pie Hat
6. Her Favourite Song
7. School Days

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1995 - At The Movies
Label: Epic Soundtrax

01. Passenger 57 Main Title
02. Lisa
03. Justice’s Groove
04. Lucky Again
05. Father And Son
06. Theme From Boyz n The Hood
07. Grandpa’s Theme
08. Higher Learning Main Title
09. The Learning Curve
10. Anna Mae
11. CapitalNaty’s Theme
12. Meeting
13. Deja’s Theme
14. Black On Black Crime
15. Max’s Theme

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1997 - The Bass IC Collection + Songbook - The Stanley Clarke Collection
Label: Sbme Special MKTS

01. School Days
02. Wild Dog
03. We Supply
04. Mothership Connection
05. Journey To Love
06. Hello Jeff
07. I Wanna Play For You
08. Silly Putty
09. Hot Fun
10. Rock 'N' Roll Jelly
11. Jamaican Boy
12. Lost In A Thought
13. Between Love & Magic
14. Life Suite/Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

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2003 - 1, 2, To The Bass
Label: Sony Jazz

01. 1, 2, To The Bass (featuring Q-Tip)
02. Simply Said
03. Where Is The Love (featuring Glenn Lewis & Amel Larrieux)
04. Anna (She Loves The Good Life)
05. Los Caballos (The Horses)
06. Just Cruzin’ (En Hommage a Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Pat Martin
07. ‘Bout The Bass
08. Hair
09. Touch (Live)
10. All The Children,Todos Los Ninos
11. I Shall Not Be Moved
12. Shanti * Peace * Paz

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2005 - Stanley Clarke Band live at Stadtgarten Köln (Bootleg)

Stanley Clarke - Acoustic & Electric Basses
Mads Tolling - Violin
Ruslan Sirota - Piano, Keyboards
Charles Haynes - Drums

recorded live at Stadtgarten Köln, 8./9. Mai 2005

1. All blues (Davis)
2. Song for John (Clarke/Corea)
3. Lopsy Lu (Clarke)
4. Schooldays (Clarke)

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2007 - The Toys Of Man
Label: Heads Up

01. The Toys of Men
02. Come On
03. Jerusalem
04. Back in the Woods
05. All Over Again
06. Hmm Hmm
07. Bad Asses
08. Game
09. La Cancion de Sofia
10. El Bajo Negro
11. Broski
12. Chateauvallon (Dedicated to Tony Williams)
13. Bass Folk Song No. 6

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2009 - The Stanley Clarke Trio With Hiromi & Lenny White - Jazz In The Garden
Label: Heads Up

01. Paradigm Shift (Election Day 2008)
02. Sakura Sakura
03. Sicilian Blue
04. Take The Coltrane
05. 3 Wrong Notes
06. Someday My Prince Will Come
07. Isotope
08. Bass Folk Song No. 5&6
09. Global Tweak
10. Solar
11. Brain Training
12. Under the Bridge

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With Other Artists

1974 - Flora Purim - Butterfly Dreams
Label: Milestone

1 Dr Jive (Part 1) (2:15)
2 Butterfly Dreams (7:03)
3 Dindi (3:37)
4 Summer Night (5:59)
5 Love Reborn (3:42)
6 Moon Beams (5:03)
7 Dr Jive (Part 2) (3:44)
8 Light As A Feather (5:57)

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1980 - Fuse One (With Various Artists)
Label: Ims

01 - Ronnie Foster - Gran Prix
02 - Wall, Jermey - Waterside
03 - Stanley Clarke - Sunshine Lady
04 - John McLaughlin - To Whom All Things Concern
05 - Jeremy Wall - Double Steal
06 - John McLaughlin - Friendship
07 - Stanley Clarke - Taxi Blues
08 - Ndugu - Silk
09 - Stanley Clarke - In Celebration of the Human Spirit
10 - Ndugu - Hot Fire
11 - Ronnie Foster - Sunwalk

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1981 - The Clarke Duke Project
Label: Columbia

01. Wild Dog
02. Louie Louie
03. Sweet Baby
04. I Just Want To Love You
05. Never Judge A Cover By Its Book
06. Let’s Get Started
07. Winners
08. Touch And Go
09. Finding My Way

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1983 - The Clarke Duke Project II
Label: Columbia

01. Put It On The Line
02. Heroes
03. Try Me Baby
04. Every Reason To Smile
05. Great Danes
06. The Good Times
07. You’re Gonna Love It
08. Trip You In Love
09. Atlanta

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44 MB

1990- The Clarke Duke Project III
Label: Columbia

01. Pit Bulls ( An Endangered Species )
02. Oh Oh
03. No Place To Hide
04. Somebody Else
05. Mothership Connection
06. Right By My Sides (featuring Gerald Alston)
07. From The Deepest Corner Of My Heart
08. Lady
09. Find Out Who You Are
10. Quiet Time
11. Finger Prints
12. Always

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1995 - The Rite Of Strings (With Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc Ponty)
Label: Capitol

01. Indigo” (Al Di Meola)
02. Renaissance” (Jean-Luc Ponty)

03. Song To John” (Stanley Clarke & Chick Corea)
* Dedicated to the memory of John Coltrane.

04. Chilean Pipe Song” (Al Di Meola)
05. Topanga” (Stanley Clarke)
06. Morocco” (Al Di Meola)
07. Change Of Life” (Jean-Luc Ponty)
08. La Cancion De Sofia” (Stanley Clarke)
09. Memory Canyon” (Jean-Luc Ponty)

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1995 - Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Dance Of Fire
Label: Columbia

Al Di Meola (Acoustic Guitar)
Bill Evans (Soprano and Tenor Sax)
Stanley Clarke (Acoustic Bass, E-Basses)
Kai E. Karpeh De Camargo (5-string E-Basses)
Omar Hakim (Drums)

1 Boomerang 4:24
2 Dance of Fire 6:03
3 Sheherezadeh 2:53
4 Aspiration 2:23
5 Bana Bana Gel (Bad Girl) 12:32
6 Shadow 5:55
7 Carnival 7:29
8 Passion 7:11
9 Spanish Picture 9:02
10 To Be Continued 5:59
11 Father 5:57

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Files Pass:

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Lossless Applications & Plugins

1999 - with Lenny White, Rachel Z, Karen Briggs & Richie Kotzen - Vertu
Label: Epic

01. V-Wave
02. On Top Of The Rain
03. Anoch
04. The Call
05. Topasio Es Puro Corazon, Part One
06. Topasio, Part Two
07. Danse Of The Harlequin
08. Start It Again
09. Marakesh
10. Toys

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2000 - Jazz Straight Up (With Patrice Rushen & Ndugu Chancler)
Label: Vertical Jazz

01. Lover Man
02. Mack The Knife
03. Salt Peanuts
04. I Mean You
05. Now`S The Time
06. Take Five
07. Jeru
08. Manteca
09. Oleo
10. Perdido

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2000 - McCoy Tyner with Stanley Clarke and Al Foster

01. Trane-like
02. Once Upon A Time
03. Never Let Me Go
04. I Want to Tell You ‘Bout That
05. Will You Still Be Mine
06. Goin’ Way Blues
07. In The Tradition Of
08. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
09. Carriba
10. Memories
11. I Want to Tell You ‘Bout That (acoustic bass version - alternate take)

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2008 - S.M.V - Thunder
With Marcus Miller & Victor Wooten
Label: Heads Up

1. Maestros De Las Frecuencias Bajas - (featuring Ronald Bruner Jr./Ruslan Sirota/Patches Stewart)
2. Thunder - (featuring Butterscotch)
3. Hillbillies On a Quiet Afternoon - (featuring George Duke)
4. Mongoose Walk - (featuring Chick Corea/Derico Watson)
5. Los Tres Hermanos
6. Medley: Lopsy Lu/Silly Putty - (featuring George Duke)
7. Milano - (featuring Kevin Richard)
8. Classical Thump (Jam)
9. Tutu - (featuring J.D. Blair/Karlton Taylor)
10. Lil' Victa - (featuring Ronald Bruner Jr.)
11. Pendulum
12. "Lemme Your Bass"
13. Grits

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Live Videos

Corea, Clarke, Henderson, White - A Very Special Concert (1982)

56 Min | 672 x 384 | 25fps | DivX 5.0.2 (1100 kbps) | Mp3 160 kbps | 677 MB | RS
Jazz / Fusion | Language: English


Stanley Clarke & Friends - Night School (2007)

67 Min | 720 x 480 | 29.97fps | DivX (900 kbps) | Mp3 320 kbps | 700 MB | 8 Parts | RS
Jazz / Fusion | Language: English


Return To Forever — Live At Montreux (2008) DVDRip

Jazz / Rock Fusion | 1:49:10 | Xvid @ 2,000 kbps | 16:9 | 29.970 fps | 720x404 | MP3 2.0 @ 192 kbps | 1.67 GB | RS
( Bonus Dvdrip | Live At Clearwater | 5 Tracks | 656 MB)


Return To Forever - Live at 43 Jazzaldia Festival DVD5 2008

Broadcast date: 21 August 2008 on Spanish TVE2
Lineage: dvb program stream -> TMPGenc DVD author -> DVD
01:20:23 | DVD PAL | Video Quality: MPEG-2 (4.36Mbps) 720x576 4:3 25 fps | Audio Quality: AC3 2.0 192 kbps | 2,03 GB
Genre: Jazz Concert


Clarke-Miller-Wooten "S.M.V. Live In Spain 2009" DVD5

Clarke-Miller-Wooten "S.M.V. Live In Spain"
Live In 33 Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz
DVD PAL region free Pro Shot DVD | Recording Date: July 19. 2009 | Jazz-Fusion, Funk | Total Time: 76:22
Audio Quality: AC3 2.0 384 kbps | Format: DVD-5 (SAT-Rip)
Video Quality: 720x576 4:3 25 fps 4505 kbps | Size: 2,64 GB



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