Roy Hargrove Big Band - Emergence (2009)

Roy Hargrove Big Band - Emergence
Jazz, Contemporary Big Band | LOSSLESS (Seperate FLAC+Cue+Log) | 439 Mb | Total Time: 1:09:58 | RS
Release Date: August 25, 2009 | Label: Emarcy / Pgd | Catalog#: 1328902

Known as a stellar soloist and creative leader of his ever-evolving quintet, it’s easy to forget that trumpeter Roy Hargrove is also an accomplished big band leader and arranger. And this is nothing new—Hargrove has been working in a big band context since his high school days in Dallas and first big band performances nearly 15 years ago at what became the Jazz Gallery in New York. But it was not until this past year that Hargrove brought his big band into the recording studio for the first time, here elegantly captured on Groovin’ High as Emergence. The cast is golden, including past and current cohorts of Hargrove, including Monk Competition winner Ambrose Akinsimure joining the trumpet line and Hargrove’s Quintet collaborators, Justin Robinson (sax), Gerald Clayton (piano), Danton Boller (bass) and Montez Coleman (drums). Add in the talented and multilingual Roberta Gambarini on two tracks.
Hargrove himself penned four compositions and arranged several more, but it’s an old standby arranged by Max Seigel, “ My Funny Valentine,” that makes one of the most eloquent statements. Chucho Valdes’ “Mambo for Roy” shows off Gerald Clayton’s Latin chops as well as the full ensemble’s ability to mambo with the best of them, but in a forward sounding, 21st century big band style--energetic, nuanced, danceable. One of the surprises of the set is Hargrove's warm vocals on "September in the Rain"--maybe we'll be hearing more and more from his "second instrument?" I have heard Hargrove’s “Trust” performed by the Quintet, and it translates with sublime colors to the big band format as a virtuosic closing track.

Roberta Gambarini reminds us that, after several highly regarded solo outings, she remains as strong as ever in front of the big band, adding luster to “Every Time We Say Goodbye” in English and “La Puerta” in Spanish, neither her native tongue. The addition of Gambarini does make this “Easy to Love,” but Emergence needs little gilding; with or without the vocal tracks, it’s modern big band ecstasy. Review From jazzpolice

~ T R A C K L I S T I N G ~
1. Velera
2. Ms. Garvey, Ms. Garvey
3. My Funny Valentine
4. Mambo For Roy
5. Requiem
6. September In The Rain
7. Every Time We Say Goodbye
8. La Puerta (feat. Roberta Gambarini)
9. Roy Allan
10. Tschpiso
11. Trust

~ P E R S O N N E L ~
Ambrose Akinmusire - Trumpet
Bruce Williams - Alto, Reeds, Flute
Darren Barrett - Trumpet
Frank Greene - Trumpet
Gerald Clayton - Piano
Greg Gisbert - Trumpet
Jason Jackson - Trombone
Jason Marshall - Baritone (Vocal)
Jason Marshall - Reeds, Flute
Justin Robinson - Flute, Alto
Justin Robinson - Reeds
Keith Loftis - Flute
Keith Loftis - Reeds, Tenor (Vocal)
Max Siegel - Trombone (Bass)
Montez Coleman - Drums
Norbert Stachel - Flute
Norbert Stachel - Reeds
Norbert Stachel - Tenor (Vocal)
Rolando Guerrero - Percussion
Roy Hargrove - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Roy Hargrove - Vocals
Saul Rubin - Guitar
Saunders Sermons - Trombone
Vincent Chandler - Trombone


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