Vagif Mustafa-zadeh - Jazz Compositions (1974)

Vagif Mustafa-zadeh - Jazz Compositions
Mugam-Jazz, Fusion, Ethnic | VinylRip using WaveLab 5.01b, 24bit, 48kHz | LOSSLESS (Img.FLAC+Cue) | 450 MB | + Covers | Running Time: 43:44 | RS
Release: 1974 | Label: Melodiya C 04593-94

This Rare Vinyl reflects the Innovative & Edgy Work of the legendary pianist, who left so early in this world - Vagif Mustafa-zadeh, who created a brilliant fusion of jazz with the Azerbaijani ethnic music - mugham.
Released from his own vinyl Collection (Melodiya C 04593-94)

Trio V.Mustafa-zade, comprising:
Vagif Mustafa-zadeh, piano
David Koifman, contrabass
Arkady Dadashyan, drums

01. Aziza 4:07
02. Witnessed 3:51
03. Keys, Brooms, Strings 4:23
04. In Spring 5:26
05. The Caucasus 4:26
06. Improvisation 6:01
07. Sunrise 5:13
08. Try Not To Make A Mistake 5:22
09. Only Six Squares 4:55

VinylRip Log

ripped by jazoman

--Vinyl transfer notes--
Condition - EX
- Arija-102-stereo turntable
- external pre-amp
- Roland Edirol UA-1ex external soundcard
- Recorded using WaveLab 5.01b, 24bit, 48kHz
No post-processing, handly clicks removed
extra-long pauses removed.


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Thanks To the Original Ripper & Seeder


Hieronim said...

Vagif was superior pianist and his music is very interesting, but I think, that is not necessarily to rip vinyls to flac's. That are very big files to download... MP3's with bitrate 320 are enough, I think (in fact, for rips from vinyls with their rather low dynamics and relative high noise level, MP3 with lower bitrate - even 192 - are absolutely enough).

Marmaduke said...

true lossless sound my friend

you're getting it pure just the way it should be.

by the way, the original wav is weighing over 900 MB.

this isn't low dynamic - take o a look in the spectrum image, and compare it to an image you make from the mp3 file.
also about mp3 compression - it's no help for the noise reduction.

anyway, i recommend you to use foobar2000 if you want to convert it to split mp3's.
it's here