Princes et Princesses (2000, French)

Princes et Princesses 2000 (French)
Director: Michel Ocelot
DVD-Rip | 64:24 Min | Divx.5 (1200 Kbps) | 720 x 448 | 25 fps | Mp3 128 kbps | French | English Subs | 702 MB | RS

There's plenty in this (probably judging from the way the animation looks and the character design) to satisfy everyone in the family, or even your picky tastes.
The story follows two young teens, a boy and a girl, in a sort of stage/playhouse with a conductor and this magnificent machine. All the two youngsters have to do is come up with an idea, feed it to the machine, and they are transformed into the characters of the created story.

It deals with romance and loss - and beautiful lessons such as choosing the less-taken path, generosity, and not judging solely by looks among other things.

A big classic to boost to your collection. It's in English subtitles which is no big deal..Review On

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