Sevil - Vocal Instrumental Ensemble (V.Mustafazade)

Sevil - Vocal Instrumental Ensemble (V.Mustafazade)
Release: 1971| Mugam-Jazz, Fusion, Ethnic | Publisher: "ILKIN" Productions | Catalog number: ILKIN
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"People like Vagif are heroes," says Javanshir. "They struggled against their environs-against people who didn't understand them. They had to be so strong just to keep doing their own work and not betray their own artistic integrity."
"Censorship was everywhere. Music was not exempt. Anything that was not in conformity with the Soviet ideology was disapproved and banned. If, in the opinion of some high official, a work was not in tune with the Soviet ideology, the doors were slammed shut.
Alternatively, they would suggest that an artist create something that would glorify the Soviet system. They would openly say: 'If you do so-and-so, your job will be much easier.' So musicians and composers had to become very clever to accomplish their own personal goals."
Eybat Mammadbeyli, a member of the vocal group called "Sevil" that Vagif created to perform on TV, recalls such compromises. Vagif was severely restricted. "They didn't let us play jazz on TV so we played Vagif's pieces after work. Unfortunately, our audience was limited. Only after we resigned from the TV post were we able to spend our time performing concerts and were less restricted."
"It was only because of Vagif's determination that he continued with jazz..."

1. Roads
2. Gold ring
3. Folksong: Black Eyebrow Liner
4. Every bullet has its billet
5. In Shirvanshahlar palace
6. Sweetheart
7. Mugham
8. Today


Part 1
Part 2

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Music Video - Sevil Ensemble
The folk song - Gara gashyn vasmasi

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