Avishai Cohen - 40 Videos [Live+Music Videos+Interviews]

Avishai Cohen - 40 Videos [Live+Music Videos+Interviews]
DVDRip + WebRip + Rare Videos | 1998-2010 | Jazz, World, Ethnic
AVI+MP4+FLV | 1.74 GB | Total Time: 04:24:12

A big Collection of Avishai Cohen Videos taken from my private Stack & from the Web.
come see Avishai's Rare videos; when he was 19 Years old, when he played with th V-AMP Band, Interviews,
Bootleg Audience Recordings and much much more...


Official & HQ Recordings

-Avishai Cohen Live at FNAC Montparnasse [March 24, 2009]
Shalom Aleichem
It's been so long

-‫Avishai Cohen (Age 19) & Avner Strauss- Blues Together -TV-Preformance‬‎
-Avishai Cohen International V-Amp Band - HandSonit -Live (2002)
-Avishai Cohen International V-Amp Band - Party -Live (2002)
-Avishai Cohen International V-Amp Band - Short Story - Live
-Avishai Cohen Live at 50. Jazz festival Ljubljana - Morenika-Leolam
-Chick corea & Origin Live in Tokyo [1998]
-Chick Corea Avishai Cohen Jeff Ballard - Life Line
-Chick corea jeff ballard avishai cohen live in spain - La Fiesta
-Itamar Doari Solo (with Avishai Cohen) - Alon Basela (live at Union Chapel_ London - 29.04.2010)
-Ramon Vazquez y Avishai Cohen Solo in Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Festival 2003 'All Star Big Band'

Official Docu, Videos & Interviews:

-Avishai Cohen - Aurora (making-of)
-Avishai Cohen - Shalom Aleichem [Official Video]
-Avishai Cohen - Shir Preda
-Avishai Cohen - Shuvi Elai [official video]
-Avishai Cohen Interview About Aurora [24.02.2009] 30 MIN
-Avishai Cohen_ Shuvi Elai Rehearsing with the Roots Project
-Avishai Cohen - Docu - As.Is.DVD.Bonus
-Avishai Cohen - Interview.(from.As.Is.DVD)
-France24 - Let's jazz with Avishai Cohen! [TV Interview]

Audience Bootleg Recordings

-Avishai Cohen Live @ Alhambra Paris:
Alon Basela
Shalom Aleichem

-Amos Hoffman & Avishai Cohen - 'Shargia' Live in Tel Aviv [07.29.08]
-Avishai Cohen - Leolam Live in La Defense - Paris [28.06.09]
-Avishai Cohen - Live in La Defense - Paris [28.06.09] Tribute to Mickael Jackson (playing alfonsina y el mar)
-Avishai Cohen - Morenika (London 29.04.2010.)
-Avishai Cohen - Shalom - final à Orléans Jazz [2009]
-Avishai Cohen & Jo Kaiat - Straight no chaser Live at FNAC de Nice [19.06.08]
-Avishai Cohen & Mark Giuliana @ Bimhuis
-Avishai Cohen- Alon Basela (Itamar Solo) Barcelona [29.05.10]
-Avishai Cohen Trio - Elli live at the Fashing Club_ Stockholm
-Avishai Cohen trio - Mark Guliana Solo live valencia Jazz Festival 2008
-Avishai Cohen Trio - One for Mark - XIV Festiwal Jazz na Starówce 2008
-Avishai Cohen Trio - Remembering Live in Belgrad
-Avishai Cohen Trio Live @ Jazz Café, Costa Rica [14.06.07]

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Avishai Cohen Complete Audio + Video Collection (20 GB)


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