Maor Cohen Sings Baudelaire - Les Fleurs du mal [Pirhey Harea] (2005)

Maor Cohen Sings Baudelaire - Les Fleurs du mal [Pirhey Harea]
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Released: 2005 | Genre: Rock, Israeli Rock, Poetry | Label: Nana Disc | Catalog#: CD 6172

In 1999, after reading the book "Les Fleurs du mal" in a new Hebrew translation of Dori Manor, Maor Cohen was clear that this is the beginning of a remarkable project. For its realization he turned to his old partner Peter Roth, and the two set off a storm perverseness and fascinating album.
Maor Cohen and Peter Roth are two of the outstanding representatives of the young Israeli Rock generation, joined forces for the first Maor Cohen solo album - cooperation that made the continuation of working with natural flows.

Maor, one of the most gifted singers and composers of Israeli music, great talent here presents the works of Charles Baudelaire with a rich musical production of Peter and also benefited from participation in the orchestra philarmonit Satu-mare in Romania, conducted by the grandfather of Peter Laszlo Roth, who was also responsible for processing works.
"Pirhey Harea" (Les Fleurs Du Mal) is part of a wide-ranging project fussing with ancient Hebrew poetry, contemporary poetry and translated poetry.
Six years since the first album of Maor Cohen, "Tov Lano Yahad" (We're good together), This second album, dedicated to the lusty poet of the 19th century.


01 - Hahozer
02 - Hashemesh
03 - Hamet Hasameah
04 - Hitkansut
05 - Mavoaa Hadam
06 - Dimdumey Haerev
07 - Saplin
08 - Hitalut
09 - Madrigal Noge
10 - At Nisgava Li
11 - Haoyev
12 - Adom Eynaim


Part 1
Part 2

Mp3 Version @ 320kbps


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