John McLaughlin / Al Di Meola / Paco De Lucia - Jazz A Vienne -1996 / VHSRip

John McLaughlin / Al Di Meola / Paco De Lucia - Jazz A Vienne
Jazz, Flamenco | July 1st 1996
VHSRip | Xvid 1876 kbps | 48 Min | 16:9 | 720 x 400 | MP3 2.0 @ 128 kbps | 696 MB @ RS

Though it would be anything else than a normal collaboration between artists, considering any one of the three musicians (being a normal character of jazz recordings/performances/outlined "gatherings" etc.), it's an event (or just as well a phenomenon) that speaks beyond words, it's interpreted above notes and means much ahead of impressions or symbols. The musicianship of AL DI MEOLA, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, PACO DE LUCIA (an order which doesn't really count, each one was, at least once, "first up the order") is a most refined example of how great minds think alike and how great souls can play on the same symbolic chord.Without a deep glance, the entire character is appointed upon the collective music effort, slightly upon a mix of style and personality (McLaughlin being a jazz/fusion/(world) artist, Meola being also on the jazz-rock tone, but slightly more titrated and De Lucia being a flamenco jazz artist) and upon the occurrence of great taste. The trio is in its entire eclectic and distinguished.

In 1979, Larry Coryell formed "The Guitar Trio" with jazz fusion guitarist John McLaughlin, and flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia and toured Europe briefly, eventually releasing a video recorded at Royal Albert Hall in London entitled "Meeting of Spirits". In early 1980 Larry was replaced by Al Di Meola, due to drug addiction.. The point of view is obviously focused on the "later" Guitar Trio (not that its prestige would be unfounded as the prime effect, major result, etc.). The essence is the virtuoso talents of all three musicians being equally on display

As far as style is concerned, the combined powers make out of the trio's music a flamenco essence jazz. Besides that, the best to notice aspect is the dazzling virtuosity of guitar play and the eccentric subtlety of jazz interpretation, improvisation and such to think of. Within their last album, there is a piece exploring bossa nova.

Two releases stand as the reflection of their works, within the 80s. Friday Night in San Francisco , of 1981, is a best-seller, a fabulous performance, a most accomplished recognition and a fantastic masterpiece. Passion, Grace and Fire is what followed up in 1983, being a studio-recording only. After this 13 years of silence and of inactivity made out of the trio a select thing. The Guitar Trio, of 1996, is the reunion release and the last reference till present time.

"The Guitar Trio" are, by best regards, a legendary act and a completely founded recommendation. Towards fans, towards those with style, towards those who can imagine such a things, towards all willingly enlightened by the idea.

John McLaughlin
Al Di Meola
Paco de Lucia

1. La Estiba 5:50
2. Beyond The Mirage 6:09
3. Midsummer Night 4:37
4. Manha De Carnaval 6:14
5. Letter From India 3:54
6. Espiritu 5:30
7. Le Monastère Dans Les Montagnes 6:14
8. Azzura 7:58
9. Cardeosa 6:35

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eloy said...

oi cara!
qual é a senha
pois não consigo com qual tem um no site
Gostaria muito de assistir aos dvd

Eloy grato

Anonymous said...

All parts are the same!?

Marmaduke said...

what do you mean??

this is a big video file split into 7 Parts

you must dowbload all of them in order to watch the video.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marmaduke,

all 7 files have the same size 713.450 kb and contain the same songs. That's what i mean with 'all parts are the same'.

Marmaduke said...

well i don't really know what you want..

i've checked them right now, and everything works just great.
Rar archive - Spliited into 7 parts (Extract with WinRar), 1 video file of the Trio.

works P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marmaduke,

everything turned out wonderfull. Merry X-Mas & A Happy New Year. THANX!