Vagif Mustafazade - One Day in Kyiv 1978

Vagif Mustafazade - One Day in Kyiv
Release: 2003 | Live Recording October, 7, 1978 | Publisher: Taras Bulba Entertainment | Catalog number: RCU 005
Mugam-Jazz, Fusion, Ethnic| LOSSLESS (Seperate FLAC+Scans) NO Log & cue| 280Mb | Total Time: 49:16 | RS
MP3 @ 320 kbps | 44100Hz | Joint Stereo | 130 MB + Scans

For me the presented on the cover of this disc original story of this recording, which does not lack uniqueness at all, seems too interesting to be retold – it is better for everybody to read it on his own. It also concerns the biography of Vagif Mustafa-zade – it is not so difficult to find the information about this musician. The main thing is – this music should be interesting for you. To my mind, it will certainly interest you. At least because it possesses a surprisingly harmonious combination of things, which are completely incompatible.
As, for example, the combination of intellectual coolness, as well as adjustment of each note, with sunshine and mountain temperament of melodies. Masterly patterns painted in the air by gentle movements of fantasy and skill are extremely tender and tempestuous at the same time. They resemble the southern heat reproduced at the transparent windowpane by frost and rime. At that, don’t forget that you are listening not to the playing from music, but to improvisation.

It comes as no surprise that the name and the creative activities of Vagif Mustafa-zade are well known all over the world. It also comes as no surprise that in his time he was the first jazzman of the Soviet Union, who got the title of an Honoured artist. Still, regalia are not so important. The important thing is whether you hear this music or not, whether you let it in or just turn over a page. But if you let it in, it will warm your soul for a long time. It is exactly so.
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1. Kavkaz'ki kartynky (Pictures Of The Caucasia — Concert for a jazz ensemble)
music: V. Mustafa - zade

2. U poshukah (In Search Of)
music: V. Mustafa - zade

3. Ridni intonaciji (Native Tunes)
music: V. Mustafa - zade

4. Ljudyna, jaku ja ljublju (The Man I Love)
music: Dzh. Hershvin

5. Podarunok (A Present)
music: V. Mustafa - zade

6. Chornobrova (The Dark-Browed Girl)
music: V. Mustafa - zade
words: Azerbaijani folk song

7. Pisnja pro rushnyk (The Song About The Embroidered Towel)
music: Platon Majboroda

Elza Mustafazade, singer (track number 6)
Roman Sarkisov - tenor sax
Eybat Mamed-beyli - guitar
David Koyfman - bass guitar
Arkady Dadash 'yang - udarni tools


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