Shalom Hanoch - Shalom (1971)

Shalom Hanoch - Shalom (1971)
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Label: CBS | English | HQ Vinyl Recording
Shalom Hanoch International career
In London Shalom signed a contract with producer and music publisher Dick James, who worked with Elton John that time. In 1971 Hanoch recorded a solo album in English, Shalom. The album was recorded and produced by James' record company, DJM, with Elton John's backing band.
The record included songs that were composed by Hanoch in Israel and were translated to English, and also included new compositions. A few of these became more famous in Israel several years later, when they were translated into Hebrew and appeared in his solo albums, and in an album by his new band Tamouz. With his return to Israel in 1973 Hanoch claimed he had come back because it was hard for him to succeed in other countries, and writing in English did not suit him. In 1976 the album was released in Israel by CBS and sold out in stores very fast. CBS never produced additional copies of the album, and it was never re-released.Found On

Shalom Hanoch - Guitar,Vocals,Writing
Caleb Quaye - Guitar, Key
Ian Duck - Guitar, Harp
Dave Glover - Bass
Roger Pope - Drums
B.J. Cole - Guitar
Ray Worley - Sax. Clarinet
Lol Coxhill - Sax.

Producer - Kaye Kaplan

01 - End Of The Road
02 - Here And Now
03 - So Long
04 - Take Off My Shoes
05 - Maya
06 - Never Kissed The Sun
07 - Peaceful Love
08 - God Knows
09 - Lihi's Song
10 - Under Tropical Moon Light
11 - You Do Need Sleep


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