Avishai Cohen - Solo Acoustic Session (bass/piano), EMI premises, Paris (2009)

Avishai Cohen - Solo Acoustic Session (bass/piano), EMI premises, Paris
WebRip [Mp3+AVI] | Recorded: 2009.02.24 | Jazz, World, Ethnic
Mp3 - mp3@320 | 29 MB | Total Time: 12:29
AVI - DivX 6 720x576 23.98fps 2557Kbps | 5 Clips: 389 MB | Total Time: 22:08 (+Bonus Video On French TV)

In the cozy concert hall of the EMI house in north of Paris, there is a piano. We put our best microphones there... and The affable Avishai Cohen get inside, meanders a bit on the keyboard, discover a bass that awaits him, and likes it! Avishai lays bare before our camera four pieces from his new album Aurora, doing arpeggios on the keys and plucking those bass strings.

Thanks to Benoîtt and EMI
shooting & editing: Renaud De Foville
sound & mixing: Benoît Derrier

Avishai Cohen - 2009.02.24 AC solo acoustic session (bass/piano), EMI premises, Paris.
From and thanks to www.lecargo.org

01. Alfonsina y el mar (bass-voc, 04.41)
02. Alon Basela (bass-perc-voc, 02.53, 1st track)
03. Leolam (piano-voc, 02.15)
04. Shir Preda (piano-voc, 02.36)

Time: 12.25

Download Mp3

Download Avi Clips + Bonus Video(Alon Basela from FR3 TV studio, 8th April 2009)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



Avishai Cohen Complete Audio + Video Collection (20 GB)

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