Drori-Hansen Furniture - For Their Friends (1995)

Drori-Hansen Furniture - For Their Friends (1995)
Funk/Rn'B/Soul | 1CD | MP3 VBR 204 Kbps | 82.5 MB
Label: Mega Records | Language: English

Drori-Hansen Furniture was a Danish funk-band consisting of Erann Drori and Casper Hansen. Erann teamed up with long time friend, Casper Hansen, a groove-oriented bass player with the deepest sound in town and keyboard abilities as well.
The two of them eventually formed Drori-Hansen Furniture after having worked for a time on a batch of demos.. Their extremely classic laid-back sound was very groove-oriented, old school and used exclusively analogue equipment from the 60s and the 70s to record. Despite the underground-ish stance of Drori-Hansen Furniture, they managed to record two successful albums and had a number of hit singles as well. As was the case for Zapp Zapp, they hit the road and toured relentlessly.
By 1998/99, it seemed as if the Drori-Hansen Furniture concept of jamming things in had no further development left ahead for the time being, and Erann began tinkering with own compositions and lyrics in earnest. Demo after demo was recorded on his home set-up and a batch of truly great songs was rapidly assembled.
Credit to http://www.myspace.com/erannmusic

Track List:

1. Then You'll Know Why
2. Intoxication
3. I Wanna Love
4. Send The Flowers Away
5. You And Me
6. I Like Your Ass
7. You Can Make It
8. For Their Friends
9. Where's Your Mind
10. All In My Memory
11. Water Water
12. Just Remember
13. Cry Cry Cry

Time 49:58

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