Sofi Hellborg - To Give Is To Get (2006)

Afro-beat / Nu-Jazz / Funk | 1CD | MP3 VBR 224 Kbps | 61.7 MB
Label: Ajabu! | Language: English

this album is jazz with African influences by saxophone player and singer Sofi Hellborg. Sofi has played with many of the most interesting African artists, for example Mory Kante, Wasis Diop, Willy Nfor and Tony Allen, the legendary Afro beat drummer of Fela Kuti´s Africa 70

Sofi Hellborg met Tony Allen when she was living and playing in London and Paris in the 90´s and since then they have been talking about of playing together again and finally they now made it happen. The recording took place in Malmö, Sweden in September 2005. Timbuktu, the number one Swedish hip hop artist who mixes African beat with rap is also featured on the album. “To Give Is To Get” is a modern and groovy adventure with strong rhythms and jazzy horns, which will take you all the way to Africa and back. Review on

1. Wouldn't That Be Fun
2. My Dream
3. To Give Is To Get
4. Har Du Hört
5. If You Ever
6. Jungle In My Livingroom
7. Bring It On Through
8. The Light
9. My Heart Is My Home
10. We Want No More War

Sofi Hellborg's 2008 Album:
Drumming Is Calling

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