Esperanza Spalding - Live at 44 Festival Jazzaldia, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain [2009]

Esperanza Spalding - Live at 44 Festival Jazzaldia, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
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The vocalist, bassist and songwriter Esperanza Spalding is one of the newest jazz talent, a young woman (24 years old) who likes to delve into other genres and is looking forward to interact with flamenco. the artist said in an appearance before reporters in San Sebastian, after stating her collaboration with flamenco guitarist Nino Josele, that both in studio and live performances has been amazing.
Spalding, one of the highlights of Heineken Jazzaldia 44, has assured that Josele 'is the bomb!,he is the best "and I always learn something every time I played with him.
In Portuguese and Castilian.
Esperanza Spalding on bass came after ten years playing the violin and at the moment, although the latter instrument continues its journey with it, prefer the first because she is able to stream music "natural and easy." "With the violin I have never found the sensations that I have found in the bass. Now I'm trying also the piano. But you have to find time for everything, also for the voice, "she pointed out.
Here she performs a Live set from the 44 Jazzaldia Festival, an Excellent Concert!!


Esperanza Spalding (b, voc)
Otis Brown (dr)
Leo Genovese (p)
Ricardo Vogt (g)

Jazz (Ain't Nothing but Soul)
She Got to You
I Know You Know
Wild Is the Wind
Fall In
Coisa Feita
Endangered Species


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Thanks, it is fun to watch.
Pretty good quality AVI.
Great production team in Spain.