Marcus Miller- Tutu Revisited - Live at Leverkusen (2009)

Marcus Miller- “Tutu Revisited” - Live at Leverkusen
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Miles Davis’ album Tutu, released in 1986 and named for Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, was a landmark recording for the trumpeter. The richly arranged material from that album and its followup Amandla served to define Davis’ sound for the final act in a long career of growth and transformation. Produced by bassist Marcus Miller, who had been a member of Miles’ band when he came out of retirement back in 1980, Tutu is widely recognized as one of the great contemporary jazz records of the ‘80s with a powerful sound and feel that defy categorization.
In this age of tributes and revisiting of older albums, perhaps it’s no surprise that Tutu is being given a second life. And likewise that the man behind the rebirth is the man who was behind the record in the first place. All summer, Marcus Miller will perform “Tutu Revisited,” a concert of Miles Davis material, with a band drawn largely from a new generation, including Christian Scott on trumpet, Alex Han on saxophone, Louis Cato on drums, Frederico Pena on keyboards, and of course Miller on bass (and occasionally bass clarinet).
Miller certainly has the bona fides to pay tribute to the music from Tutu.
His contribution to the record began with the compositions. Although my early CD version strangely doesn’t even provide songwriting credits, the fact is that Miller wrote all but two of the songs (George Duke’s “Backyard Ritual” and Scritti Politti’s “Perfect Way”). He also arranged and produced most of the sessions, though George Duke and Tommy LiPuma were also involved in that capacity and Jason Miles contributed keyboard programming. Miller not only played bass, but also played nearly all of the other instruments. Interestingly, Davis had wanted to collaborate with Prince before working on this album. What he got instead was another one man band prodigy.
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MARCUS MILLER - bass, bassclarinet (# 6)
ALEX HAN - saxophones
F.GONZALES-PENA - keyboard

1. Tomaas
2. Backyard Ritual
3. Splatch
4. Hannibal
5. Jean Pierre
6. When I Fall In Love
7. Tutu


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