Avishai Cohen Trio - Live at Huy, Belgium (2011)

Avishai Cohen Trio - Live at Huy, Belgium
Mp3 CBR @ 320 kbps | Bootleg | 2 x CD | 252 MB | Running Time: 66m12s + 43m16s | MU / RS / FS
Recording Date: 2011.04.08 | Jazz, Middle-Eastern, Ethnic

A Rudolf Rocker Release!

"From the full Middle-Eastern flow of "Aurora" and "Seven Seas", Avishai Cohen
 unexpectedly but most impressively reverts to acoustic jazz for his Spring 2011
 European tour. Due to the unavailability of Itamar Doari, Avishai returns to
 the trio format of "Gently Disturbed" with, on the kit drums, Amir Bresler who
 debuted on Amos Hoffman's 2010 CD "Carving" before playing with the quintet in
 Brussels and Juan Les Pins in July 2010. Although Bresler did not feature in
 last autumn's radio concerts at TSF and NDR promoting the forthcoming CD, he
 comes to the fore in this stripped-down jazz trio. His sensitivity - ranging
 from the most discrete of cymbal taps to the thunder of extended drum solos -
 would be impressive in a drummer of any age; to have hit it so young is
 jaw-dropping. The small venue made Huy the most intimate of concerts with
 Avishai in fine form, ending up rolling on his back on the floor, bass on top
 of him, as he hammers out the closing notes of Shalom. One thing you can be
 sure of - the trio enjoyed this gig as much as the audience did. With several
 unreleased tracks and with those drawn from previous CDs being given a
 radically different treatment, this recording is a unique discovery for any
 Avishai fan" - Rudolf Rocker. 

A Worldwide Exclusive Rudolf Rocker Release. 
252 MB incl. full gig review and artwork.
A- audience stack recording, 
lossless WAV > mp3 @ 320, 2 x CD, 66m12s + 43m16s.


Avishai Cohen - bass, vox, piano
Shai Maestro - piano
Amir Bresler - drums


CD1 - 66m12s

01. Dreaming 10:10
02. Halel Yah 07:27
03. Etzion Gever 09:31
04. Aley Giva 08:59
05. Seven Seas 13:12
06. Avishai talks 00:17
07. Avishai talks 00:26
08. Worksong 09:25
09. Aurora 06:47

CD2 - 43m16s

01. Avram Avinu - Sea Of Salt 15:57
-- first encore
02. Avishai talks 00:22
03. Tres Hermanicas Eran (Avishai solo) 04:13
04. Avishai talks 00:42
05. Alfonsina Y El Mar (Avishai solo) 04:43
06. Para El Monte Me Voy (trio) 03:56
-- second encore
07. Remembering (trio) 06:47
-- third encore
08. Shalom (trio + audience) 06:16

Mp3 CBR @ 320 kbps

Part 1
Part 2

Part 1
Part 2

Part 1
Part 2

Thanks a lot to the Great Rudolf Rocker!!!

Avishai Cohen Complete Audio + Video Collection (20 GB)


Anonymous said...

Throughout the gig, there is a running joke between Avishai and the audience about whether he speaks Yiddish, all kicked off by him asking what language he should speak to talk to them. "Wallon!" is one shouted answer, the French dialect spoken in Wallonia, southern Belgium, which includes Huy - ironically (and no doubt unknown to the band) famous for possessing one Gestapo torture centre in the fortress which dominates the skyline one way, and one nuclear power station which dominates the skyline the other way. "Wallou?" asks Avishai. And the point of this anecdote was to return to the subject of Yiddish and honour the memory of the greatest Yiddish activist in the East End sweatshops of Sherlock Holmes' turn-of-the-century London ... and he wasn't even Jewish .. ladies and gentlemen, here's


Looking forward to listening to Cully, cheers marmaduke! Rudi Rocker.

Avigdor said...

Thank's from Israel :) תודה